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    Newbies: Quick FAQs

    Wirelessly posted Where can I upload photos to my profile?
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    Roommate Needed

    Robin...thanks for some advice. I am kind of skittish about getting a roommate since it would be my first time. See how it goes if happened!
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    Who is single here?

    Unrestricted Free Agent Hey Folks...I am officially unrestricted free agent - single male ready to settle down with a lady. Been divorced since 1998 and dated several ladies (lost count...) and could not find a perfect one for me - but been busy with my 2 young children whom I prefer to focus...
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    Roommate Needed

    I will respond to reasonable comments. Otherwise I don't bother with your foolish ones, ha!
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    Roommate Needed

    Hi Everybody :wave:- I am new here...Want to find a roommate for my place in Frederick, MD. Inquire me for more information if you are interested. Will check back tomorrow - Good night...