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    CVS to win big by stop selling cigarettes

    I go through this every month. My doctor use to have everyone sign a contract to use only one pharmacy and if you used a different pharmacy you would be dropped. This made it so they could monitor if you were getting multiple scripts each month now you have to go from Pharmacy to Pharmacy to...
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    Question for girls.. would you ever date an ARAB guy?

    I agree with some of the post.. people in general can be jerks. I was in a long term relationship with an Arabic Man from UAE and for most of the relationship I was treated better than I had ever been treated by any guy. He was a Muslim but that really did not affect our relationship. I did have...
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    General life experiences

    My daughter's ASL teacher assigns a project every other week and the final (ASL 1) is to interpret, gloss and perform a song in ASL. From what I hear is pretty common so be prepared for all kinds of "help me gloss this" request come April or May.
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    What are you thinking about? Part VI

    Thinking a road trip would be fun.
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    Talk about your experience being deaf...

    Hi everyone...just wanted to share a funny story since I don't seem to get many of these lately. If you have seen my intro you know I am HOH Adult Onset. Trying to learn ASL and besides the fact that I still can't structure a sentence the correct way I guess I am doing OK. My daughter is taking...
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    Does an orange band ties around a tree means it will be cut down??

    If the area is marked for clearing the orange band means the tree is not going to be cut down. They only mark the trees to save not the trees that will be cut down.
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    Our pets in clothes !

    Have you ever tried the shoes? My dogs love the clothes but hate it when I put the shoes on them.
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    Be careful buying/selling on craigslist

    Thank you. I am hoping the police are able to find them too. It was obvious by how fast they were and by how they had everything planned that this wasn't their first rodeo! The physical injuries have healed but he keeps playing it over and over in his head. He keeps telling me that if he saw it...
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    Be careful buying/selling on craigslist

    the day after the guy got shot in Charleston, my 20 year old son was trying to buy a truck off of Craigslist in Charleston. He had not heard about the guy that was killed. He agreed to meet the guy in the walmart parking lot thinking that it would be safer. a friend was supposed to go with him...
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    deafness as a turn on

    Botts It is but I'm working on it daily....difference is my ASL will get better.. my hearing won't!
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    Who is single here?

    Single since last Nov.
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    deafness as a turn on

    Laura I was about to say the same thing. Just because I can hear (some sounds) doesn't mean I understand. I hate when I ask someone what was said and no one wants to tell me or they rapidly say it knowing there is no way I can understand. Sadly I am still trying to adjust to this life so I had...
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    Newbies: Quick FAQs

    guess I should have done this first :wave:I have been on and off the site a good bit of the day and figured I should do the intro. I'm HOH, although I am still able to hear my biggest problem comes from communication.. I hear some noise and know that someone is talking I am unable to...
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    HOH- being caught in the middle

    Thanks for the links KIK
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    Annoying ignorant hearing people stories

    KIK I know the feeling of being the only one that is HOH in a family. (well other than my son who has had hearing loss since grade school.) You do try to find was to communicate. I have often had people get annoyed when I ask them to face me and repeat what they said. I have even had them face...
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    Annoying ignorant hearing people stories

    I was referring to the hearies being afraid to try to communicate with a Deaf or HOH not HOH or Deaf being afraid to communicate with a hearing.
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    Annoying ignorant hearing people stories

    Kik I am not saying that your only form of communication is pointing.... it is the only communication most of them will understand for the most part. I really think some of them are scared to try to communicate simply because they don't understand how.
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    Annoying ignorant hearing people stories

    Correction... disrespectful... not disrespected.. I love autocorrect!!
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    Annoying ignorant hearing people stories

    Please let me clear one thing up. As HOH Adult Onset I can explain why the fast food restaurants give the "Braile" Menu to deaf people. They are told to do so. (I know I was) It is supposed to be a Deaf and Blind Menu. It is assumed that a deaf person has read the menu that is usually behind the...
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    HOH- being caught in the middle

    Hello, New to the site and to the culture as well. I am HOH but I do not want to misrepresent myself I do still hear a variety of sound. I am able watch TV or listen to music with the volume up loud but have found that my biggest problem is communicating with people... I get so tired of...