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    Hearing aid problems?

    When my mom or i get closse to each other, theres a really weird ringing that starts. Is that normal?
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    Deaf Wanna-Be's

    This is an interesting post. I don't think deaf wannabes have a mental illness, i think they aren't good in their shoes. They wish they were different somehow, and the deaf community is one of the nicest ones out there, so i don't find it THAT hard to understand why someone might think they...
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    quickest way to learn ASL?

    I'm actually in luck of living near a huge school for deaf children...I'm sure i can find some classes there. Thanks a lot for your help! I appreciate it. This is kind of new and scary to me in a way.
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    Do women find bald men attractive?

    I read an interesting study that proved balding or bald men gave off a more masculine personality and appearance, however modeling agencies would want hair. What this means? well while society might make you think having no hair isn't attractive, deep inside women instincts, they are more...
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    How do I help my husband understand?

    I think what he needs is time. He is upset because the person he loves is losing her hearing, but you need to make him realize that this won't change much. As a young man with progressive degen. hearing, simple things like not being able to hear the door bell when my girlfriend comes really...
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    quickest way to learn ASL?

    Awesome, thanks a lot for your help! That post was very helpful. I am limited financially :p but I'll figure it out. Thanks again -R
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    quickest way to learn ASL?

    Hey all, I'l start out by giving you some background information on my family hearing history. My grandma is deaf, my mom is 50 and needs hearing aids or shes pretty much deaf, and i'm 17 and my hearing has been getting worse and worse. The doctors say they are pretty sure there is something...