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    Question about political debate

    Oh I see. Thank you for an explanation.
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    Question about political debate

    Hi everyone, I just wondering that there're no political debate here anymore? I thought one of you share the point of view on Trump vs Clinton debate but none is here. Just wondering...
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    AllDeaf Memorial

    Exactly it's me, you know for years... *wide grin* :bump:
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    Nc Deaf Man Shot While Trying To Asl

    It was not first time that the cops shot deaf people. It's an unacceptable what the cops did. I see no excuse for that.
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    Munich Germany Shootings Multiple Fatalities Multiple Shooters

    Thanks :) I tried to search the update but it seem to me that they haven't done anything on him yet. I THINK they would put him to psychiatric care for a long time if he didn't kill himself...
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    Munich Germany Shootings Multiple Fatalities Multiple Shooters

    Yes, Iranian-German David was born and raised in Munich. He has no criminal record and no religious. He was the son of asylum seekers in 1990s. Yes he was in psychiatric care for depression treatment. Accord neighbors, David's accent is high German speaking accent, not Iranian...
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    Mmmm Nyle Dimarco, Chippendales??

    Beautiful man...
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    Deaf Sex Therapist....

    *wide eyes*
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    AllDeaf Memorial

    R.I.P all of members American Chopper ChicagoBlue2 LuciaDisturbed Ncff07 Restless_Heart SkyPorkie TongueOnFire I was there to learn about the death of American Chopper and TongueOnFire. I'm shock to learn about LuciaDisturbed and SkyPorkie. LuciaDisturbed was too young to die. I've read the...
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    Karma stories

    Yes, I beleive in Karma... You did to lady good then you will get something good in return.
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    Josh Duggar admit on porn addiction and he didn't tell his wife and parents

    Oh no my dear! I can't believe that she listen her mother in law's advice. Her mother in law's advice is a joke! Respect is a two way street. I feel bad for Anna & children.
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    Is it part of deaf discrimination?

    No I do not consider it as a discrimination. Yes I know and agree that it would be nice of Jessica to reply you but she is not obligated to reply you. You can't do anything against her until she mention something about your deafness is the reason why they don't want to employ you.
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    Jimmy Kimmel upset cause Dentist Walter James Palmer killed “Cecil the Lion”

    Some people killed big animals for the fun... It's sick... It's terrible word to read kind of word with pictures of human being with dead animal... "Amazing"... "animal hunting is one of my hobbies"... go on... on...
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    No! Greek vote shocks Europe

    The Greek government took billions of euros in bailout money in 2010 due to their budget mismanagement and then again in 2015. It couldn't be that they ask again for 3rd time!!! EU Union are being let down by Greek government. They solved money issues with Greek Government in 2010. They...
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    Cat killer won't be charged for animal cruelty

    Yes that's right. It makes me vomit to view half of video how they did to dogs and cats.. they skinned them alive... It's horrible.. I view it as cruelty if you skinned the animals alive for the meat.
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    50 Years In Prison For Stealing Rack Of Ribs

    50 years sentence over that steal pork's meat? If he shows the knife or threating with knife without hurt the people then the sentence is ridiculous.
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    Mary Kay Letourneau:

    People should learn to let this go. Villi is now an adult and can make his own choices. Mary's children from her previous marriage still visit to see their mom. Good luck to Mary & Villi