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  1. Dianewall003

    Seeking for love.

    Hi friend, I am Diane by name, Hearing but understand deaf sign, Single and seeking for deaf man who's ready to settle down and start a new life.
  2. Dianewall003

    Looking for Single Sided Deaf (SSD) people to chat with about sound localization

    Hello, I am single lady , My name is diane
  3. Dianewall003


  4. Dianewall003

    Hi everyone :) Washington State, anyone?

    How are you doing today, I am Diane by name, I'm from Galesburg illinois, Distance does not bother me if we agree to meet face to face, I would like to know what exactly you seeking for.
  5. Dianewall003

    Looking for love

    Hi every one, I am Diane by name, I am hearing but i understand deaf language and seeking for a deaf man who will love and always be there for me.