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  1. deaftorres

    anime friend

    i want to deaf friend have same of familiar for anime and manga. hit up me if you want talk about anime and game!
  2. deaftorres

    alone deaf from CA

    i was born hard of hearing and deaf. my name is Osvaldo. nice meet you I am here to be friend with deaf who understanding me. my family don't want to learn about ASL. so,
  3. deaftorres

    Deaf single from Porterville CA

    i hope i can friend with you deaf but i don't like fake deaf don't talk me i want only really deaf ! nice meet you guys! if possible you live CA
  4. deaftorres


    hi guys!! i was here first time long but I cant remember it oh well. i am here for deaf friend!! i hope I can find deaf female someday. i really hoped I can be deaf friend leading marriage!
  5. deaftorres


    please add me Username is osbaldorres