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  1. witchiewormie

    How to transition into being less oral?

    Hello! My name is Juno, and I've been losing my hearing at a progressive rate since I was a young, young teenager. I'm nineteen at this point, and have lived with some kind of hearing loss from around the time I was thirteen. By this point, without my hearing aid I might as well be considered...
  2. witchiewormie

    What do you like to learn about?

    I like learning movie/TV/comic trivia facts.I have an abundance of knowledge on actors of all kind, behind the scenes information.. If I liked an actor, I'll do everything to learn every interesting or relatable fact about them. Most times I'm pleasantly surprised that they are often in some way...
  3. witchiewormie

    Tampa DHH, potential friend!

    I'm sooooo deprived of DHH interaction... Haven't spoken to anyone Deaf or who knows ASL in so long and I need DHH friends again because it's getting kind of depressing being the only HoH person I know. I'd love to get in touch with deaf/HoH individus in or around the Tampa area, perhaps meet up!