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  1. Wheelin Rev

    Introduce Geekchick ^_^

    Welcome to AllDeaf, GeekChick! :wave: I'll admit I'm not on here too much lately but I am a nerd according to my oldest daughter. LOL Enjoy AD! Dave
  2. Wheelin Rev

    Hi from MD

    :wave: Welcome to AllDeaf! :wave: :ty: Another Marylander here too! :ty: Dave
  3. Wheelin Rev

    Hello All

    Welcome to AD! :wave: Dave
  4. Wheelin Rev

    I am new!

    Welcome to AD! :wave: Dave
  5. Wheelin Rev

    Elizabeth from Texas

    Welcome to AD! :wave: Dave
  6. Wheelin Rev

    Hi, I'm Meghan.

    Welcome to AD! :wave: Thanks for the long intro, Meghan. It tells us a little about you and enables me to say that I know what you mean about your work environment and some folks being helpful and some not being so helpful in accomodating your hearing needs. Welcome aboard! Dave
  7. Wheelin Rev


    Welcome to AD! :wave: As for getting laid off; been there, done that. For me, it was after 15 years. Never good to lose a job but sometimes it is necessary in order to get you out of your "comfort zone" in order to land a more challenging, more rewarding position. Best wishes to you on your...
  8. Wheelin Rev

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to AD! :wave: Dave
  9. Wheelin Rev

    Hey from Ohio Tricia

    Welcome to AD! :wave: Dave
  10. Wheelin Rev

    Ok Im new.....

    Welcome to AD! :wave: Dave
  11. Wheelin Rev

    hi im a boy from nanjing in china

    Welcome to AD! :wave: Dave
  12. Wheelin Rev

    Yo! from Florida

    Welcome to AD! :wave: Rock crawling, huh? Me too. 2004 Rubi here. That's the "wheelin" part of my screen name. Dave
  13. Wheelin Rev

    Hello from Willow, an undergraduate in Sociology

    Welcome to AD! :wave: Dave
  14. Wheelin Rev

    I'm new...

    Welcome to AD! :wave: Dave
  15. Wheelin Rev

    hey from Utah

    Welcome to AD! :wave: Dave
  16. Wheelin Rev

    Im new to this...

    Welcome to AD! :wave: Dave
  17. Wheelin Rev


    Welcome to AD! :wave: Dave
  18. Wheelin Rev

    Hi all

    Welcome to AD! :wave: Dave
  19. Wheelin Rev

    i here to chat with you

    Welcome to AD! :wave: Dave