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  1. chaymes

    Question for those who don't wear Hearing aids

    :nana: Thank you thank you thank you!! I posted at another forum I go to about how Vocational Rehab and my family are pushing me to get hearing aids. I qualify for them free through the state. I am dreading getting them and don't understand why they should be requirement. If I know ASL which...
  2. chaymes

    finally i can relax!

    oh yes the family definitely knows i cant hear. they still are learning just how much i cant hear but they know. they get concerned worried looks on their faces when i dont respond to phones ringing or my baby crying. it isnt that they dont know or are insensitive... it is just that when i moved...
  3. chaymes

    Captioned Media Program

    I love that site! I signed up and can now borrow videos that are either captioned or in ASL. They mail them to me for free, I watch them, and send them back postage paid. Totally awesome if you ask me!
  4. chaymes

    making the switch - how?

    I grew up hearing but for at least the past 5-6 years have been going deaf. I say at least because it could have been longer before I started to notice any hearing loss. I have had one doctor even guestimate I have been losing my hearing since around 15 (I'm 26). At the moment, I have a severe...
  5. chaymes

    What happens when YOU are the parent of a CODA?!

    i just have a baby at the time but i thought i would mention what i have been thinking about for the future. as a person with a severe to profound loss that is progressive, by the time he is six (or much much sooner than that actually) i will probably not be able to hear at all (not like i can...
  6. chaymes

    finally i can relax!

    for the past two months that i have had my baby, i have been uptight and nervous when i lay him down to sleep. when i am right by him, i can hear him and when he cries on my shoulder it vibrates through my head. however, leave the room and i no longer know if he is crying or sleeping. i live...
  7. chaymes

    "slowly" approaching deafness

    i just had a rather scary experience. I was sitting here typing my last post above at the computer lab at my college when people started getting up and leaving. I didnt think much of it and kept typing away when someone tapped my shoulder and told me we had to exit the building because of the...
  8. chaymes

    Pretend to be Deaf

    I had a not so pleasant experience at a Deaf senior citizens club recently. I have a progressive hearing loss. Currently my left hear has a 68% loss and my right ear has a 75% loss in hearing however I can still speak well. Once in a while people tell me not to talk so loud and I didnt realize...
  9. chaymes

    "slowly" approaching deafness

    Thank you all for your warm welcomes. I don't know what my immediate plans are actually. For so long, I have been able to get by pretending to understand when I really didn't. I would get the majority of a sentence and then just put it together and did reasonably well. Many years back, I learned...
  10. chaymes

    "slowly" approaching deafness

    My name is Christina (prefer going by my nickname Britany) and I am 26 years old. I was diagnosed about 4-5 years back with a progressive hearing loss in both ears. The first time I was tested even further back, I had a mild to...