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  1. Cdodd

    ENT Appointment

    So I had an ENT appointment yesterday - I've been putting it off for about a year, and I figured it was time to buck up and see what they've got to say. Good news first: I'm not losing any frequencies. Everything they threw at me, I heard. So there's that. Less good news: I've got speech...
  2. Cdodd

    DO you

    I try really hard not to say anything with an attitude, on or offline. People tend to say really stupid things in anger and ruin their friendships, and I'm not about that at all. I try to leave my snippy attitude in the bedroom when I roll out from under the covers. :)
  3. Cdodd

    How do you store and transport your guns?

    For sure. But it's only the chapel I have issues carrying in. When we have events, or I've got to go in to do a service project, or I go to see my bishop, I've got it on me. :) I don't really believe in gun-free zones, because, as far as I'm concerned, they're incorrectly named...
  4. Cdodd

    How do you store and transport your guns?

    I only store it when I'm sleeping - in which case, it's tucked in a holster (loaded - if it's not loaded, it's an expensive club) off to the side of the bed where I have no chance of accidentally bumping into it or my roommate finding it. As far as transporting goes... I switch back and forth...
  5. Cdodd

    Let's be honest

    As a younger kid, yeah. These days, no. I am what you see.
  6. Cdodd

    Some jailbroken iOS devices with iMessage getting hacked/spammed by Anonymous

    Gosh. Almost makes me happy I'm an Android user.
  7. Cdodd

    Would you give felons a second chance?

    Habitual offender, he was on heroin for about a year and a half.
  8. Cdodd

    Would you give felons a second chance?

    Right? He told me, and I was like... Are you serious? I haven't laughed that hard in a long time.
  9. Cdodd

    Would you give felons a second chance?

    Depends on the person, and what their felony was. I've got a buddy who did 10 years for stealing a mounted officer's horse while high on heroin (not his finest moment, but he learned his lesson.). He's a felon for life, even though he's turned his life around, and lives honestly. Can't vote...
  10. Cdodd

    How are you feeling today?....

    My left leg hurts from hip to knee, but I'm doin' alright. :)
  11. Cdodd

    How do you think Hearing society views Deaf community

    As somebody who's spent half of his life in a wheelchair, I can definitely sympathize with this entire thing. Not brave. Not heroic. Just another human being tryin' to do his thing. Leave me alone and let me go on my merry way. I'd say I hope nobody treats me like that when I go deaf, but...
  12. Cdodd

    World of Warcraft

    My main was a pally tank, until I was hacked. Lost everything. Now, my main is a druid, and I'm alternating alts between a mage and a priest. :D
  13. Cdodd

    Any Doctor Who Fans?

    Well she wasn't TERRIBLE... I just... I dunno. Her voice annoyed me. That said, I'd be a liar if I said I didn't grow a little attached to her.
  14. Cdodd

    TV: Switched At birth's all-asl

    That was a good read. Thank you for sharing.
  15. Cdodd

    Any Doctor Who Fans?

    Agreed. :/ She gets a little better. Just before she leaves. Same with Ricky the idiot.
  16. Cdodd

    World of Warcraft

  17. Cdodd

    5 favorite all time books?

    Stephen King's IT The Book of Mormon Stephen King's Dark Tower series (8 books) 1984 The Wheel of Time series (13 books, plus a prequel) Honorable mention: The Young Jedi Series Dean Koontz's Intensity Dean Koontz's Icebreaker Dean Koontz's Through the Corner of His Eye Harry Potter
  18. Cdodd


    No crickets yet, but I have the low hum. Thankfully, it's low enough that if I turn on my headphones, I can't hear it... Needless to say, I can't sleep without music or the fan on, because the sound drives me batty.
  19. Cdodd

    HI i'm Caitie

    Hi Caitie. I'm Cort. :) I'm HoH as well.
  20. Cdodd

    What's Your Game System of Choice?

    You've got fantastic taste in video games. :D