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    VP Group Messaging

    Either Glide or ooVoo offer this features I know of...
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    3 way call with 2 deaf people and 1 hearing person

    ZVRS also provide Z5H for hearing meaning 3 way calls can made without VRS involved...
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    List of IP relay.

    I was told that IP-Relay will shut down next month... either Nov 7th or 17th leaving Sprint IP the only one... I may have to port my IP-Relay nbr to Sprint IP hmm...
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    Z5 Ipad 2 block Store App ???

    I now have iPad from ZVRS and here's screenshot of only one page of all apps (mostly Apple and 3 from ZVRS.) That's all it have and you can't add or delete apps at all. It's indeed configured for communication only. FYI: it came with iOS 8.0.2 already installed..
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    New app called Glide

    Here's what I said on FB... I am a ASL Mentor so I ask my mentee (they are interpreting students) to install Glide and communicate with me via Glide so that way, their signing are used often and they improve their reception skill so I don't have to repeat since when I repeat, it's never same...
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    New app called Glide

    I ditched Tango because it's getting bloated and spammy... So annoying! Anyway, Glide isn't new... Started few years ago. Glide help enforce taking turns so no interruption. Videos are sent via cloud so it does not take up spaces in iPhone or android. Those on Glide friend list either watch it...
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    Z5 Ipad 2 block Store App ???

    Does anyone actually got iPad2 or iPad4 from ZVRS, if so then post a screenshot of home screen with Z5 app preinstalled. Here's how: The reason I asked because I puzzled by one of the post in this thread posting a...
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    iPhone 5S

    Here's Apple's compare page: Apple - iPhone - Compare Models
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    Eat sh*t, and die! Unless you cook it right.

    Definitely not Paleo!
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    Been thinking about ditching my SVRS (Sorenson)

    Barbaro, just read this thread... I do have VP but don't mainly use it for VRS calls since I rely on IP-Relay to make calls to hearing because that way my typing are spoken word for word instead of substituting one word for another word that is easy for terp to speak... It has been known that...
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    Any Vegan/Vegetarians Out There?

    Excellent Barbaro! You said... I doubt it… I believe it was from grains as Otzi had decayed teeth as he and others lived in the area that has less animals populations and lived in beginning of agriculture as he was about 6K years old and is not a Paleolithic man.
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    Paleo and Primal Lifestyle

    Barbaro and others who are interested in Paleo Lifestyle, I thought I would let you know that there's a group on Facebook; "Deaf Paleo" that was created recently it's over at
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    Sugar Causes Heart Disease

    agave syrup is highly processed sweetener… worse than sugar and HFCS! In my Paleo Lifestyle, I eliminate any forms of sweeteners completely… except for fruits which I consume less often than in moderation as it has fructose, a natural sugar. I do use Lemon or Lime for use with beverage...
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    Paleo and Primal Lifestyle

    Yes it is.. Google "Paleo gelatin" anyway some get gelatin from bone marrow by doing bone broth or whatever… like this for example; Easy Recipe: Mineral-Rich Bone Broth | Balanced Bites | Holistic & Paleo Nutrition Coaching & Seminars
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    Paleo and Primal Lifestyle

    Here's some few links I want to share… Obesity and Overweight for Professionals: Data and Statistics: U.S. Obesity Trends | DNPAO | CDC Public Health Nutrition It’s not the Guidelines Healthy Nation Coalition "What's Wrong with the U.S. Dietary Guidelines?" & Other Nutrition &...
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    Paleo and Primal Lifestyle

    Barbaro, No, I haven't…
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    ABC Family app on your iPhone and iPad includes CC

    ABC Player for iOS now include cc support! App Store - ABC Player (This update requires iOS 5.0 and higher) * The ABC Player is now also available on iPhone and iPod touch! * The app is now optimized for the new iPad retina display * Closed captioning is now available on select shows and...
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    Paleo and Primal Lifestyle

    Here's a link for better explanation of Carb Curb: The Primal Blueprint Diagrams | Mark's Daily Apple
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    Low-Carb Eating

    Those including me who do Paleo don't count calories… and we don't subscribe to calorie in, calorie out theory… it's rubbish! it is a merry go around crap theory.. one can eat a thousand calories and lose weight provided that food one eat is REAL WHOLE FOOD (MEAT, VEGETABLES, FRUITS AND...
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    ABC Family app on your iPhone and iPad includes CC

    I have sent a feedback to ABC via ABC Player app to add CC support since ABC Family app included CC support which means they can do that too!