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    CI Mapping Advice...anyone relate?

    I am an AB user. Your experience seems very similar to mine, although it does sound like yours is more extreme. I first found that loud high pitch noises (Metal on metal, metal on wood, womens laughter, etc) were very loud. I could hear them fairly clearly from a distance and it caused a...
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    Yes But Be Patient

    Got a Phonak Nadia, Smartlink and Mylink. Will have to meet the audi soon again. Things dont sound too good at the moment. It does sound a lot louder than my previous hearing aid so thats nice. Sucks I didnt get my silhouette, but I guess ill buy that myself.
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    Yes But Be Patient

    Voc Rehab came through. Will get my Naida today and should get a few accessories. Voc Rehab didnt specify which things I will get (like fm system and etc). Will edit post later on once I get them.
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    Buzzing sound when I plug in my personal audio cable into plugged in laptop.

    I get this with the audio cable too. I notice that I get the buzzing noise if I dont have any sound playing. It immediately stops once I play some sort sound or music.
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    Got implanted July 2nd

    Congrats! I hope it goes well for you. The implant has improved my hearing to the point where I have almost normal hearing. (Implanted 1 year ago). Hopefully your surgeon didnt boast he was able to do in a record time for you. My surgeon did say that and a few days later, I found that the...
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    Yes But Be Patient

    That sucks. My Voc Rehab went better. They accepted my request for hearing aid. (My audiologist recommended a Bolero, but I will talk to her to get a Nadia due to my progressing hearing loss). Voc Rehab also said that they will be able to get a few accessories that should help such as my own fm...
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    Looking for CIC with magnetic wand controller

    Phonak are excellent. You may consider this. CROS - for Single-Sided Deafness - Overview | Phonak - life is on Comes in CIC and you can get mypilot which is the remote.
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    Yes But Be Patient

    Do hearing aid audi recommend the devices? I met someone from easter seals crossroads. He was the one who will recommend the devices to the VR person for me, such as the hearing aid. Fortunately, he recommended phonak hearing aids for me and I am happy for that since im looking to get phonak...
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    Yes But Be Patient

    That nice! I will be vising my local VR office in 4 days. I have gone to the one in Ohio as that is my permanent address. Ended up going to the waiting list that is 6-9 month. Since I am college, i was able to find a way to be elligible for the VR near my college that has no waiting list...
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    Statistics Study::Cochlear Implant Users, Please Read

    Male. Heard fine till age of 10. Progressing hearing loss in both since then and got implant in May 2012 for my left ear. Mode of communication is oral.
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    Useful apps for Androids....

    Best app for me, mVideoPlayer. Only video app that supports a lot of different subtitle file. There are others that support subtitles, but not as many different format as mvideoplayer supports.
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    HA vs CI"s

    It will definitely depend on each person. My hearing started dropping in low teens and progressively got worse. I had to go through different hearing aid every other year or so since it wasnt strong enough or didnt allow me to hear. Finally got a CI in one hear in May 2012. I was able to hear...
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    cochlear implant experience

    1. May 2012. 2. About 3 Month till I stopped hearing weird noises and heard voices of different people. 3. Almost any. I can now hear in most situations, but 1 to 1 is the best. 4. Any situation with non constant background noise. My implant lowers background noise, but if it is not constant...
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    Work from home for Deaf?

    Just asking since majority of the things written here are fairly old and many links go to blank websites, are there any work available currently that can be done at home (using computers or such). Sadly, im in a bad situation of being unable to find jobs due to hearing loss at the moment.
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    Post Surgery question.

    Thanks, mine went away just around in a couple days. still feel sore, but no more fluid noise. Another question though. Im having a serious flaky dry skin all around the ear and around the stitches. Should I put on some moisturizer or is it fine to leave it alone. Just wondering if its ok to...
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    Post Surgery question.

    Thanks. I knew it had to be some sort of fluid, but was worried if its not suppose to be there or not. Guess ill just take it easy for the next 12 days till I meet my doctor regarding the progress.
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    Post Surgery question.

    I had my surgery for CI yesterday. It supposedly went great according to the doctor. I do however have a problem/question. When I sometimes swallow, I hear this short watery sound in my ear which I had the surgery on. Is that abnormal? Im wondering if this is sometime I should be concerned...
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    CI Surgery approved today

    Good luck on that. I do not have a job currently, so I had to put under my parents insurance. Fortunately it is sort of a plus for my parents as they now do get a hell lot better coverage.
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    CI Surgery approved today

    My sister also has severe hearing loss and she has the CI. My parents ended up paying the surgery at the full price due to the insurance not covering CI. I ended up contacting a lot of people to change to an insurance that covers it. One month after I got the new insurance, I got scheduled for...
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    CI Surgery approved today

    Surgery went well! Huge wrapping around my head and still hurts a bit. One doctor gave me a motion sickness patch due to some people feels nauseous after the surgery. I ended up having some sort of reaction to it (not allergic to it though) and I apparently ripped out the IV after the surgery...