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  1. Irish Devil Dog

    anyone live in florida?

    My hometown is in Florida but am living in Ohio.. Will move back to home in few yrs or less :)
  2. Irish Devil Dog

    Old members??

    Just curious if there any old members that still are here who knew me from years back?? :)
  3. Irish Devil Dog

    Ohio deaf

    Am from Florida but current live in Ohio too.. Outside of Cleveland. So welcome! :)
  4. Irish Devil Dog

    HTC Phones

    I just got HTC EVO yesterday and Im loving it!!!!!!!
  5. Irish Devil Dog

    How did yer parent react.....

    Wow my thread is very old and brought it back here! lol.. And very interesting to hear your different stories.. Thanks for share!
  6. Irish Devil Dog

    Soreson VP VS. Z340

    Zerodog.. Thank you for mention it.. and that is very helpful!!
  7. Irish Devil Dog

    Soreson VP VS. Z340

    I looked for other topics.. None of them have similiar to my topic.. So I wanted to know which are good and why?? I currently have Soreson VP 200.. and planned to have it transfer to Z340... I wanted seprate number but turned out will have to pay $149 for z340.. But Transfer soreson number to...
  8. Irish Devil Dog

    Soon the government check won't be in the mail

    OOps didnt see this message lol... Oh ok thats one I didnt know about, but thanks.. (And you might didnt notice who I am?) ;)
  9. Irish Devil Dog

    anyone here have a hearing dog?

    My cats react to any doorfknocks, noises etc.. They all knew that I am deaf.. Sometimes I didnt except I left other cat by accident close the door and my other cat would annoy me hell out of it until I get the message and realized other cat was in other room and I had let him out oops. For foods...
  10. Irish Devil Dog

    Soon the government check won't be in the mail

    Didn't you know that WAMU changed to Chase.. So they are same company but only changed the name.
  11. Irish Devil Dog

    Adoption or Biological Parents?

    I'd like to check that movie out... Myself am adopted too, but just found my bio mother on FB few months ago, and we gettin along real wonderful. :)
  12. Irish Devil Dog

    Everyone said: After breaking up can be friends?

    My ex gf and I arent friends since broke up bec of the abusive.
  13. Irish Devil Dog

    My brother not being allowed to use his cell phone

    All I can say is that the wife is a control freak. And hope you'll figure out what you want to do w/ this situation.
  14. Irish Devil Dog

    Who got snow?

    Got snow up herre.. and still flurries :/
  15. Irish Devil Dog

    I'm back!!!

    Any old members are still here that I know??
  16. Irish Devil Dog

    I'm back!!!

    *gasped* you :whip: my azz??!! That must be nice one!! :lol:
  17. Irish Devil Dog

    I'm back!!!

    Awesome!! :naughty: :twisted:
  18. Irish Devil Dog

    Picture of your pets

    That was my VERY old username... Im aka GarfieldSocky I posted thread last night.. Irish devil dog.. I also love dog plus love flirting LOL and Im part of irish too :)