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  1. john57

    Med EL or new Nucleus 5?

    One thing I do not like about the OPUS 2 processor if I understand it correctly that there is no buttons on it. With My N5 processor I have two buttons which I can turn on or off he processor, change programs and turn on the T-coil without having to depend on the remote in case that I forgot to...
  2. john57

    Corporations use loopholes to pay no tax

    Reminds me of the old line that the current GOP president candidates are saying that the corporations tax rate is too high. Makes me wonder if the official tax rate is lowered will it change anything?
  3. john57

    Nucleus 5 and music - accessories

    I use the Hatis system for both my hearing aid and my CI. It has a bit stronger sound field than the Music Link. Personally I do not care for wires running down my neck. Phonak has a digital neck-loop that works for certain models to eliminate buzzing and allows true stereo channels from that...
  4. john57

    Could it be?

    I usually take off my hearing aid and implant when I am jogging, mowing the lawn and exercising. I learn how to work out in silent. When I was younger my hearing aid, Oticon at the time used to short out in sweat every two months in the summer.
  5. john57

    Cochlear implant and possible electrocution?

    There is no electromagnetic force while the internal magnet is just like a regular kitchen magnet. Without any power source the internal implant will not generate any signal. Sounds like that the EMF detector is generating a strong electromagnetic force of its own that was interacting with the...
  6. john57

    New Neptune CI processor- Swimming?

    This brings up another question I have not thought before. How can you use a cell phone with the mic on the coil. Is that a issue at all?
  7. john57

    New Neptune CI processor- Swimming?

    I allways worn something on my ears all my life. The is the first time that I see that AB finally gave a offical Ingress Protection Rating to their processor.
  8. john57

    We have many advantages of being deaf

    sleep through thunderstorms sometimes works if there is no lighting and the thunder does not shake the bed sometimes. No noise taking a shower and swiming. As a kid I do not understand why I would want to hear screaming kids in the pool.
  9. john57

    Research shows setback for lab-made stem cells

    I heard about from a researcher last year that had some success in growing hair cells in the cochlea but they ran into the problem of the body rejecting the new created hair cells as foreign. The scientists are not sure why that is. Back to the drawing board as I would say. The one limited...
  10. john57

    Cannot change a phone billing plan.....

    I like Virgin myself and used to have Cricket. Virgin is great for someone that does not need the very latest in phone technology and just wanted a few voice minutes in addition to unlimited text, email and web browsing. I just wanted to same money with something that fits my needs. I have no...
  11. john57

    AT&T will have to pay TMobile for $6 billion if FCC will reject or not

    That story just states IF AT&T failed to take over Tmobile AT&T will pay a fine to T mobile. So far I have not heard of this happening.
  12. john57

    FM Systems.. Yay or Nay?

    Another usefully thing to have is this tool kit for hearing aids and was available at my Walgreens store. Acu-Life Audio Kit Hearing Aid Cleaner | Walgreens
  13. john57

    FM Systems.. Yay or Nay?

    Is this is what you looking for? Hearing Aid Stethoscope: Health & Personal Care
  14. john57

    FM Systems.. Yay or Nay?

    Most of the FM systems I had were very good and quite useful in work. The current FM system that I was evaluating has microphones on the receiver side that can be used to hear your peers. The Comfort Contego for example uses digital communication with a zoom microphone both in the transmitter...
  15. john57

    Possible to be implanted with both Nucleus and AB?

    I respect anyone decision determine what implant to use. Baseballboy is a long term CI user that has been implanted several times and his opinion is just as valid as mine.
  16. john57

    Dear Phonak: Things I Would Like To See...

    I know of several friends that uses the ICOM system from Phonak, It seems that the Phonak ICOM uses a digital stereo neckloop that is more resistance against interference than my old analog neckloop. However the ICOM will not work with my older Phonak hearing aid or with my CI as far I can tell.
  17. john57

    Much more captioned content on Netflix?

    I have tried using and finding movies that are captioned but with the link to NetFlix I could not see where does it indicates that the streaming version has captions. Currently using Hulu for TV shows with captions.
  18. john57

    Don't wear ultra powered hearing aids too often!!!

    I have been wearing high power aids all my life and I still do. Hearing not being used is not worth preserving. My aids can give a maximum of 120db at certain frequencies in order to get any usefully benefit for my needs. This had worked for me for several decades as long they are properly...
  19. john57

    Does anyone have a Hybrid CI/EAS?

    It is used to add the more detailed natural bass sounds and can help discrimination in noise.
  20. john57

    Pat's (bbaseballboy) Surgery log

    The Denon 2000 was only $200 a few months ago on Amazon. There has been big price increases on certain items lately. I brought my Stax 20 years ago and still in prime condition at 1/4 of the cost today. Just try some headphones and see if it worth spending money on. Sometimes I go the local...