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  1. MamaFaithful

    Hi There

    We are trying to move but due to medical conditions im in social housing which means i need to swap homes (which is hard as we are in a flat and swappers only want houses) and money for private isnt there, it goes on food and bills...just . I am currently house bound (they are discussing me...
  2. MamaFaithful

    What's the sign for

    Is there any videos on how to sign medical problems. More specifically, I'm struggling to breath and my throat spasms are getting worse. Pointing at my throat to doctors doesn't really work *These are everyday problems- That's why id like to be able to communicate them*
  3. MamaFaithful

    Pics of you - Part V most recent image i have .
  4. MamaFaithful

    Hearing loss and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

    Hi, i have JHMS, FM, CFS and CRPS. I also have breathing and swallowing difficulties. I'm also interested if there is a link as my hearing started deteriorating quickly as my health got worse. I'm under investigation for EDS.
  5. MamaFaithful

    What do u do on ur spare time?

    In what little spare time I have I cut lots of little holes in paper and hope it vaguely resembles the image I designed. Otherwise i'm occupied with 2 little munchkins and juggling my health.
  6. MamaFaithful

    Hi There

    Hi, I'm a 23 year old mother of two and I'm differently-abled. My hearing is getting worse and my son is hard of hearing (he's two and can only hear whats in front of him. So unless he sees it he cannot hear it. Sorry if this seems patronizing at all I've just got to repeat it to the nursery...