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  1. overthepond

    Latest on Jasper!

    Still a toilet roll thief! He knows where they are hidden!
  2. overthepond

    Why Does My Dog... Roll in Stinky Stuff?

    My dog loves rolling in fox shit! My poor dog walker, she walks 6 dogs at a time 3/4 times a day, my do was the ONLY one who makes the vilest pong!
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    Latest on Jasper!

    Thanks bottesini
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    Latest on Jasper!

  5. overthepond

    Latest on Jasper!

  6. overthepond

    Latest on Jasper!

  7. overthepond

    Latest on Jasper!

    He isn't bothered about the chickens anymore, the smallest chicken puts him in his place and ever since he just ignores them or jump out of the way if they come too close!
  8. overthepond

    Latest on Jasper!

    It had been awhile since I came on here. Jasper is now officially an adult, he turned one few weeks ago, here's some pictures.
  9. overthepond

    Hearing person seeks assistance deciphering some sign language

    3 letters of that is BSL however the "v" isn't... Never seen it before. Perhaps older generation might know. the o and e is part of the vowels signed on each tip of your fingers starting from the thumb for A, fore finger for E as shown in the picture, I - index finger etc
  10. overthepond

    New HA user from London

    Hi twiglet, I am also from good old wet Britain! Lol... Bit further south to you. Welcome to all deaf.
  11. overthepond

    How cold is too cold........

    Boris wears his anorak when it's really cold or snowy! He can hold well in the 50s normal winter temp. But then he walks really quick and plays in the field. He's a jack Russell with no fat!
  12. overthepond

    Having bit of hard time.

    He would have loved that but I got metal one instead so he cannot use it as scratching post! He, Boris and the chickens brings such a joy in my life, all completely different characters and keeps me on my toes!
  13. overthepond

    Having bit of hard time.

    Like butter wouldn't melt!
  14. overthepond

    Having bit of hard time.

    That's hilarious!!! Lol, I have tried everything possible, taken down the loo holder (he pulls them off to get the roll) putting the loo roll up high, and put lock on the cupboard door (where I keep the rest do the loo rolls) locked the bathroom door but when you need to go to the toilet in the...
  15. overthepond

    Having bit of hard time.

    It's amazing that his eyes are almost same color as him!!
  16. overthepond

    Having bit of hard time.

    But trying to be positive, Jasper is nearly same age as when Hugo was killed. My best friend had just given me a beautiful book filled with all (well almost) of photographs taken of Hugo at his short 7 months of life. It was nice to have that as keepsake as he'll never grow up. It would have...
  17. overthepond

    Cats Stealing Dog Beds! Funny!

    It's like that in this household! Jasper (6 month old kitten) and Boris (7 years old dog) fight over beds, my lap, food bowls!
  18. overthepond

    Have cochlear implants helped you?

    I can eat, sleep and poop like a hearing person! Rant over... Anyway, I could communicate through sign language or with spoken language effectively, I wear my cochlear implant 14 hours a day depending on what I am doing and enjoy wearing it, I like my Deaf day a week where I take break from...
  19. overthepond

    Looking for a new bed for my rottweiler

    I had plastic base and cushion for bed for my elderly cat, my dog was puppy at the time liked it so I bought him one when he was big enough. It's bigger than the original one. Many years down the line, the cat died, the dog moved into the cat's bed, he likes it. I changed the bedding to duvet...
  20. overthepond

    CI Surgery approved today

    Angel, I had my n5 for over 2 years (where did the time go!), the batteries I had were the original ones from my upgrade to n5, it's still holding their charge. I still get 2 days out of them (I change them every tues, Thursday and sat mornings, the Sunday is the ear's day off) and I have 4...