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  1. Iceriver

    TTY won't print

    I just recently put up a new roll of papers and now it won't print. ANyone know how to fix it ? is it out of ink or what what should I do ? Please let me know thanks.
  2. Iceriver

    Brampton Man found Dead Deaf Man...

    my dad lives on the same street, and I live 10 mins walk from that building. I dont know that deaf guy. I never knew that there is another deaf person living so close. Its sad and scary :(
  3. Iceriver


    I have sidekick but Im from Canada. I can't use i711 or anything. I have no way of making calls with my pager. I would need portable tty so i can make calls while at someone's house if they are not home. I just dont like feeling like stuck.
  4. Iceriver


    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone here own a Krown's pocket comm device ? I need a small sized tty that is easy to pocket. I read that it works with cordless phone and pay phone, does it work well? I only need it to make short calls like calling a cab or in case of an emergency. I hate to be stuck...
  5. Iceriver

    A pregnant man?

    No its not a tumor. Its the man's twin brother growing inside his body. Its called Fetus in fetu. Its common more than you think. There have been 99 cases like this. If you read carefully in the news, it says the doctor found bones, limbs, fingernails, etc during an operation. It was a mutated...
  6. Iceriver

    During Pregnant

    Mine lasted 3 months and half. It was horrible! I hate being pregnant during first and third trimester due to big belly and awkward but during second trimester, it wasn't bad. I enjoyed the baby's kicks.
  7. Iceriver

    image won't display

    I think it has do with javascript. It just wont display picture and pop up window. It worked fine on other online stores. I dont know.
  8. Iceriver

    image won't display

    Yes its on. Ive tried everything, disabling pop up blocker, ads blocker, etc. no luck.
  9. Iceriver

    image won't display

    Ive tried all IE, Firefox, Netscape, etc. Same results. I have win xp
  10. Iceriver

    image won't display

    Im looking thur IKEA website and tried to click on product pictures to enlarge but theres nothing there. I asked Deafmonkey if shes able to click on enlarge and it worked fine for her. Anyone knows how to fix it ?? Here's what I mean: Top is mine and bottom is DM's
  11. Iceriver

    HTML editor

    When I was a beginner, I used Evrsoft's First Page 2000. but it is now Evrsoft First Page 2006. Its easy to use and its free. It has features that you could automatically insert codes without typing it yourself. Most of the time, I use notepad for small layout or pictures or whatever though. For...
  12. Iceriver

    Was there a second baby?

    Deafmonkey showed this to me yesterday. Yeah she's sick what she did to her newborn, but the second baby was never proven because there is no body. She's denying about the second baby. Its just rumours right now. Wait and see.
  13. Iceriver

    Woman swings baby as weapon!!!

    "it was just a mistake" That's B.S. Police believed her, thats stupid. This woman shouldnt be allowed to see her baby again. Hope the baby will be ok.
  14. Iceriver

    My son gets sick almost every 2 wks

    wow I havent been to AD very often. Deafmonkeygal told me that someone replied to my thread here on AD. Dark-Half - My son hasnt been sick lately because I changed his eating habits, and made sure nobody else gives it to him when he asked for it, it has to be me so I would know what food he...
  15. Iceriver

    Another neat trick

    Its javascript trick. It moves images like flying on a website. Copy the code and go to or any site, then paste into address bar See what happens. it works better in IE though. I dont know about Firefox, it doesnt work too well on mine. javascript:R=0; x1=.1; y1=.05; x2=.25; y2=.24...
  16. Iceriver

    Another neat trick

    Copy this code and paste into address bar, but check it out on any sites but not forums, it doesnt work too well. I did it on myspace profile, its neat!
  17. Iceriver

    AARON Carter's Engaged!

    "Singer Aaron Carter is engaged to Playboy Playmate Kari Ann Peniche, the bride-to-be confirms to PEOPLE. "I'm very excited about it," Peniche tells PEOPLE. "Aaron is the most genuine person I know. He's kind, loving, and I love him so much." Carter, 18, popped the question to Peniche (who...
  18. Iceriver

    Halloween Costumes

    none for me but my son will be wearing white tiger costume. Its a homemade costume. I cant wait to take a bunch of pictures heh.
  19. Iceriver

    Those who are pet lovers......

    Im a cat lover. I had cats since I was a toddler and always will have cats in my life.
  20. Iceriver

    CSI: Crime Scene Investgation

    I love CSI. I already set a reminder for season premiere yesterday lol.