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    Gentamicin ototoxicity and ci's

    I apologize if this is a repeat question. I was told my hearing loss was caused by gentamicin ototoxicity as an infant. When I was about 6 or 7, my parents were told I wasn't a candidate for a CI and we never looked into it again. Now that I'm older, I'm starting the process to get formally...
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    Does anyone volunteer? If so, what do they do? I had some great people who put in extra time with me growing up that made a difference academically and emotionally - tutoring, extracurricular activities, etc. Some of the members of this forum have been really encouraging and supportive. I...
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    What's Your Dinner Tonight -- Part II

    Salad from Noodle Company Co. I gotta eat my vegetables!
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    Your opinion on speech?

    Might not be a popular opinion, but as an oral hoh person -- if I had a hoh child - I would personally encourage speech to a limit. My parents encouraged speech before ASL. Everyone is going to be in different situations, but I am comfortable enough to use speech as my main communication method...
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    Speech Therapy after extended break?

    BCBS is blue cross blue shield, my insurance company. I'll report back once I make the call. I likely won't get a hold of them for 2 weeks or so as I won't have access to a personal computer during business hours/business days for a while. Thanks Frisky!
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    Speech Therapy after extended break?

    Not sure if this will explain my rational in pursing speech therapy - they say that dressing well may result in better opportunities, etc. I'm not saying this is right or wrong - it is just an observation that some people agree with...
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    Speech Therapy after extended break?

    Has anyone here resumed speech therapy after an extended break? Were they able to get it covered by OVR or health insurance? I'm HOH, stopped doing speech therapy after graduating from high school. I'm starting to think I should go back (I'm 29) - I'm a little worried that my speech is...
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    Which AD'er are you wondering about?

    Hi Shel and JClarke! I remember you both! I'm still around stalking the website. Work keeps me busy. I wish I could go to the AD meet but I'm traveling for work that week. Shel - I DO remember meeting you right before the last AD meet. All I could remember is how cold my hands were and...
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    Captel Phone

    Just wanted to say that the accuracy of my captel phone never improved. I did call and talk to someone at Captel to explain my issues and they explained that there is a person who repeats what is being said on the line for a voice recognition technology to translate into text. During phone calls...
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    Captel Phone

    I'm estimating the percentage of inaccuracy. I'm still new to my work, so the terminology that is being conveyed is not obvious to me. The example AlleyCat provided is exactly what I'm experiencing. Sometimes the captions say it is too quiet to caption. So if I used ZVRS, is it possible to...
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    What are you doing right now?

    Booking a flight to San Francisco!
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    Interesting TV Shows?

    A to Z! Such a cute show!
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    Captel Phone

    So I have a Captel phone for work. But the captions are only accurate 60-70% of the time. Is this normal for other folks? I could ask my work to provide ZVRS (which is what they originally provided) but my ASL is weak. This is a bit distressing since I make decisions that are safety...
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    Airbnb experiences you have?

    I have indirectly used it before. My friend made the arrangements during a visit to Austin and I tagged along. I asked her how she picked which places to stay and she said that she only goes to places that has several (or more than several) positive reviews. She also request that they write a...
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    Does your voice fluctuate when you speak?

    My volume fluctuates depending on how much I wear my hearing aids. Hearing my voice makes me more attentive to my volume. I like taking my hearing aids off all the time though. I've been told I sound like a little kid and I've gotten the German question also. I have a habit of slipping into a...
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    Ambush Makeovers on Today Show

    I had a horrible time with bangs, but I think it was due to my hair being very wavy. I wasn't willing to style them and end up pinning them back until they grew out. I'm jealous of people who can leave the house with gorgeous hair with minimal or no styling! My hair is in a pony tail or messy...
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    What was the last movie you watched?

    Safe Haven, pretty good, but I really watched it to see Josh Duhamel and I'm a sucker for chick flicks in general... :)
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    Earmolds and sweating?

    I found that air vents helped for me. But they are still uncomfortable and I take them off the moment I'm done with work.
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    Spring travel plans?

    I wish I had a spring break....jealous of all your travel plans!
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    What are you doing right now?

    Trying to convince myself to do some work, but I want cupcakes! I found a place local that I want to try, maybe this weekend! Resting from gymnastics practice, turns out I can still do flips!