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    Who hard to find someone right?

    Well, this is not easy to find a right person due to different communication, personality, appearance, etc. Love is very important than other things that someone demands to do something.
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    I'm looking for a Chinese, Filipino, or mixed of Chinese/Filipino woman in US/Canada

    Hello, my name is Troy Chung. I am deaf Chinese man who is a single and 40 years old and looking for a deaf, HOH, CODA, or hearing Chinese, Filipino, or mixed of Chinese/Filipino woman in US/Canada. I live in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada and am originally from Hialeah, Florida, USA and...
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    Returning to the AllDeaf and reintroduce myself

    Hello everyone, My name is Troy Chung and I have returned to this site on June 23rd, 2022 and haven't been here since May 6th, 2005. I am 40 years old and deaf Chinese man and single. I live in Canada for 32 years and was born in Hialeah, Florida and grew up in Miami, Florida for 8 years. I am...
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    Hi, I'm new to this website.

    Hi everyone, :wave: Let me introduce myself. My name is Troy Chung. I am 23 years old and deaf :deaf:. I am new to this website because I am looking for my old classmates and other students at Gulfstream Elementary School (Region VI - now Access Region 6) in Miami, Florida, USA during my...