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  1. DeafDave62

    Do deaf folks consider themselves disabled?

    After hearing normally from the first 55 years of life but then due to traumatic brain injury and long-term coma which I woke up from 100% deaf profound, I do now see this as a life-changing disability. But I am also sure it differs person to person.
  2. DeafDave62

    Late deafened profound. TBI, but have CI

    I am new to the world of deafness and I am trying to grow fellowship with other deaf folks.
  3. DeafDave62

    Late deafened profound due to TBI. (CI recipient)

    Brand new here. 12/2022. I received Advanced Bionics Nadia CI about 18 months ago. I am still going through issues as a newly deaf person and I'm trying to reach out to others in similar situations.