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    CI Implant and Tinnitus

    In the beginning after my surgery the tinnitus I suffer from seemed to improve. I don't know if it's stress but now the tinnitus is bothering me again? Sometimes just wearing the implant helps, but other times it makes it worse? When I brought it up to the Audiologist, she didn't seem to...
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    1 yr post op CI

    Hello, I had L ear cochlear implant put in one year ago, and at first I seemed to be doing quite well, With this last assessment my speech perception has fallen considerably. (making out sentences with booth testing) I am not sure why this could be happening because all my other tests seemed...
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    Cochlear battery?

    A brief question, if I charge up 2 batteries, use one and put one aside, how long will the unused one keep it's charge? , A day, or longer or the same amount of time as the first one? In other words, if I go somewhere, and use up one battery for the day, will the other one that I charged up...
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    CI Activation

    Hello, on Tuesday and Wed I have appts to activate my Cochlear implant. I am excited, yet in a way concerned that I've built myself up to hear again, but what if something doesn't go right? For those who have had implants before me, what happens on that first and second day when they activate...
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    It's a go! I have a surgery date!

    Today I visited the surgeon and it's a go, I can get a CI implant? The one thing I was a little disappointed about, the tests did not reveal a cause of my bilateral hearing loss? Is it common not to know a specific cause? For instance if it was genetic, would there not be anything to show it...
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    Some Weird Cochlear questions?

    I'm not sure whether I will end up with an implant or not, but I have some questions running through my head that I hope someone can answer? They say an implant lasts about 7 years, is that just a general amount of time, but can it last longer? Which brand is best? Then what happens after...
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    Cochlear implants, do they help?

    While I can still hear sound, my understanding of speech seems to be totally gone. My Audiologist gave me the loudest hearing Aid possible, and it doesn't help. I can still hear the sound and turn up the instrument till they are loud, but can't make out what anyone is saying to me? So she...
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    Does stress make hearing loss worse?

    I hosted a little birthday party this weekend and found my hearing is worse. I have had hearing loss for some time now and soon I have to return to the Audio;ogist and then the ENT regarding cochlear implants, but for some reason she wanted me to lose all my hearing first. I'm almost there...
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    Almost all deaf now.

    My hearing loss really hit me in a month's time, where I can really tell the difference? I have substantial loss now in my remaining ear. It happens so quickly? What saddens me a lot, is for the first time, I could not have a conversation with my daughter sitting at the table across for me...
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    Hearing loss worse

    Went to my Audiologist, she was concerned about a substantial loss in my R ear. I already had about 70% hearing loss in that ear? I could not hear any of the sounds on my hearing test for that ear, so she sent me to a ENT Specialist, one whom I had seen before who hardly examined me, and told...
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    Concerned, can anyone help

    Today I went for a check up with my audiologist and she found a dramatic downward hearing shift in my right ear. . She did tell me she is concerned to know what is happening to that nerve from my ear to my brain. She made me an appointment with the ENT and she will do another hearing test...
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    Wrist shake alarm?

    Hi, does anyone know if the wrist alarm comes in sizes. I have a small wrist, so would like to know before I order? I've decided to go with the wrist alarm because I may not stay put for the pillow one, besides I like to sleep on two pillows, so a wrist one may be better for me? Thank you.
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    Hearing loss Pet Peeves!

    What bugs you about your hearing loss? My pet peeves are: doctors who face the the wall writing away while asking you questions with their back and faces turned away from you. people who think yelling helps a person to hear. people who phone when they are asked to email, or text and...
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    Tinnitus is driving me insane.

    I'm mostly all deaf and you would think I would be grateful to hear, but not the tinnitus sound going on in my head, it's like a factory running in full blast, and it's getting louder. Please someone help. I put on other sound to distract this sound, but I can't hear music so that is no help...
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    Almost totally deaf 67 yr old Nana.

    Hi, I'm new here. I'm probably older than most on this forum, yet I suffer too. My hearing has been going for probably the last 15 years or more. Specialist said it's immune related and genetic and now aging is in the picture as well? . I have lost 70-80 percent of my hearing and it's worse...