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    Deaf party - all welcome!!!

    Hey, I'm having a party here, I've got homemade chocolate candies, rum & coke, white and red wines, a variety of pizzas, and a dog park out back for the pups! It's been a while since we had a party here and I thought Valentines day is a good day to kick off another epic party!!! I've more...
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    Scientifict thoughts: Time and gravity

    If time is created by gravity creating a dip in space, Wouldn't a magnet do something similar since they attract metal in much the same way gravity attracts, well, everything? Thus you could use some really powerful magnets to bend space time? Ok science buffs, stand by while I put some...
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    Do you think about your mortality?

    Has something happened in your life that made you stop and think about your own mortality? I recently lost a good friend and coworker suddenly. It was a shock and surprise as he went into the hospital for back pain and suddenly died Friday morning (two days ago from this posting). For me, the...
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    Lunch today is pretty good, purchased at my work's cafe. However I just realized I at my cookie first, then polished off my chips, now working on the sandwich. Isn't this backwards??? :giggle: How do you eat lunch?
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    It's my way or the Highway

    I wanted to post this in another thread but that got locked... There seems to be some discontent in the way that deaf children are being taught. I want to share my view point and see if others agree with me. I am postlingually deaf and brought up orally. Based on my experience I would...
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    Cheetah introduces himself

    Hi all! :wave: My name is Cheetah, well ok, that's not my REAL name.... I've got to keep some secrets! I am deaf with one CI, I will get a second early next year. I am a 42 year old male and recently divorced. I took the divorce really hard and am still recovering from it. I do have a...