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    Its getting wet.....

    Sorry for that. Just letting you know I made an utterly false statement and will surely pay the price for it. Yikes
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    Late deafness swooned by coda

    Dude. I was gonna make a scathingling honest reply, but I won't. You are doing fine. You have balls-out guts and it is appreciated. Thanks for the post.
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    Differences between SEE/PSE/ASL

    Eh? Can you describe, please?
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    Its getting wet.....

    Eh? All places get boring after a while.
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    I am looking for a serious relationship that anyone from Chinese women welcome here

    Or draw from personal experience. (Berating myself ceaselessly)
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    Deaf Woman woke up with men working on her roof

    Beats me (Evil twin brother owning this world.)
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    What did you learn today? Part II

    Ban phones!
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    Are you "embarrassed" by your hearing loss?

    I am not angry. Just resigned. Resigned to the foibles of humanity. Lol
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    Deaf Woman woke up with men working on her roof

    Or birth control.
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    A Thread About Absolutely Nothing! Part III

    To be liberals or not...That is the question.
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    Looking for resorces

    Whoops, sorry. I had intended to make a coherent reply to this thread but course I bungled it.
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    HoH and feeling a bit isolated

    Clap clap to everyone. This is an open forum.
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    What are you thinking about? Part VIII

    I feel you dude. Cats are mousers, but I know they feel bad not to protect you against a grizzling.
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    "i'm a little bit deaf"....

    Or they give me money. ;)
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    Picking a new hearing aid

    I think it depends on the age where you became deaf. There is no point in gaining what you never had.
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    One for the resident cat ladies ...

    I am adopting two cats tomorrow. I went by the shelter last Friday, spotted them and could not help it. His name is Pernod and hers is Spitfire (?). They are fixed and they will be indoor cats. (You know how outdoor cats get the blunt end of the stick. ) I fixed up the house so they won't...