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  1. DeadRinksHistorian

    Seeking for Female who is Deaf, HOH, or CODA or Hearing with ASL skills

    I just recently broken up with my hearing Filipina GF. I am currently seeking for a female who is Deaf, HOH, or CODA or Hearing with ASL skills, Stalwart Christian faith for marriage, age 21 to 41 living in the US only (Very difficult to apply for K1, or any visa to marry overseas). Willing to...
  2. DeadRinksHistorian

    Am relocating to the Philippines, any differences in Deaf culture there in the PH?

    Ok, let me explain clearly. I am going to relocate to the Philippines and more specifically in the Iloilo provinces to resides where my fiancé is from. We marry in December 2022. I am Deaf and I am curious the differences in Deaf culture there as I am aware of in the United States of America...
  3. DeadRinksHistorian

    Curious, any of you skaters?

    Hi everyone. I am curious, any of you are a roller skater? And where are you from? If you did skate and your favorite rink is closed. What rink was that? I skate ever since I was 13. I am now 57. I went to... Empire Skates East DeWitt, NY Empire Skates West, Baldwinsville, NY Floss's...
  4. DeadRinksHistorian

    Hi everyone! I am Mark, Deaf Roller Rink Historian.

    Hi everyone! I am Mark. You can call me Marco but real name is Mark. I am Deaf Roller Rink Historian with Dead-Rinks, a very popular e-museum on former roller skating rinks. I am based in Central NY. I make 2 to 3 profiles a day on former rinks which can be 2 to 5 rinks. Sometimes a...