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  1. zerodog

    ZVRS Tablet

    I want to say something about the ZVRS tablet know as iPad. Whatever the version of iPad aka iPad 2 or 4, not sure which one. My point about the Z. I just notice with a friend of mine who has been struggling to format the iPad to add just some important app the person want uses. Some...
  2. zerodog

    anyone experience with parent in law?

    Just want bit venting... I know one day they will read this website and may apply to them. Before I start say anything, I thankful they are my parent in the law but what we think the big different path. Anyone have experience when the weather or electric/broken down home such no heater or...
  3. zerodog

    been rip off from rental car?

    I am just curious, if you ever been blame that damage shows on car/suv/mini-van even you already told them before take that with you? Due our limit communicate and writing while that person may be new or first time have Deaf customer... Did that apply anything or experience, share...
  4. zerodog

    to another VRS

    I just want to say something, just wonder from you guy. Also want to say something... I have several friends who port to another default provider, happen Sorenson contact several my friends. They wonder or wants know why change or leaving Sorenson provider to new provider. Happen the...
  5. zerodog

    English GRAMMAR

    I just want bit venting about the STUPID GRAMMAR. I understand those are important to our life everyday. It is where we are standing on USA soil. My question to you... I am taking college and did not like what professor do... I normal not feel comfortable have peer student read my essay. I...
  6. zerodog


    First of all I wants and shares to say something before I say further. I have nothing problem being myself as a d/Deaf. I acceptance myself who I am and where I bend into communities. I thankful for those technology with access educational, communication and entertainment. It just the...
  7. zerodog

    Macbook: iMovie

    I just got Macbook, I am using PC the most of time until Mac is calling my name. I am glad to get that but want to do something what I did on PC but this one is bit different and like that tool. I feel that tool is missing, no guide information what tool for... Of course I am PC user and...
  8. zerodog

    911 with VRS

    I benefit to response other thread about the VRS... I want to say about one benefit that nTouch mobile for iPhone. It has push the GPS display of address location where you are. It will appear on screen where that agent can read the information with 911. It's a big plus. The challenge...
  9. zerodog

    Caption Bleep

    I don't know if you guy aware or have answer but somewhat I never knew until one member approach to me. Since I have kid who is hearing and share about the bleep which I wasn't aware. Whenever I seen the caption show 'bleep' as I expected the sound omit the words of swear sound. The person...
  10. zerodog

    become a teacher of the deaf

    I am somewhat lookup on research around the colleges or universities. My understand they should look at total communicate and where I live those state. The university offer the degree as deaf teacher. I wants to change my career due economic and change my skills and shares benefit to...
  11. zerodog

    hate LED

    I know that bit earlier say CHRISTMAS!:roll: I am bit spirit this year for Christmas but somewhat I saw stores start pack up the Christmas and looks the light for this year... I am frown about that because most of them is LED on tree!! I was like what... LED on christmas tree made me...
  12. zerodog

    Poll: FCC VRS

    I want know if you already did submit FCC about VRS? I am just curious if we have done or need more explain to clarify what VRS mean lot to us. Do you understand what happen to VRS by FCC rate? I may have repeat since I have talk several friends of mine; some they don't get it... So I...
  13. zerodog

    VRS on strike

    Look like FCC cut the large amount to Sorenson... Next victim list... is Purple then ZVRS or ZVRS to Purple... Purple or ZVRS isn't prepare for that while Sorenson is large 85%.... Without Sorenson... Purple and ZVRS wouldn't make that happen... It all about race to quality service...
  14. zerodog

    ZVRS mail friendly message

    I want to say something about that new feature, MyMailTutor - ZVRS... first of all, ZVRS have feature about leave a message with phone number is nice thing. Somewhat it same as Viable style but odd part that recording message is poor but if someone left message is clear. I don't...
  15. zerodog

    The Purple: Bee

    I was laughing about that movie clip; it funny P3 Software keeps you connected It seem talk about Sorenson. I found it hard to believe and should be blue, not yellow because that what ZVRS is doing... Anyway... it did bring my memories as CSDVRS movie doing that and now HOVRS.. it...
  16. zerodog

    The Droid

    I have to say something... I got that Droid due coverage and can use my laptop for my communicate with video relay ( haven't test ). I want share with you guy that I found another way instead depend on faithful USB plug until out there have Wifi router. The wifi router is Droid, the...
  17. zerodog

    Facebook safe?

    Facebook-McAfee Deal: A Great Start - PC World What do you think?
  18. zerodog

    church video relay?!

    My friend just inform me and I have no problem with LDS or the Mormon... It just hard to believe that they set up as VRS such as to use contact on LDSVRS.TV and wonder that they are non-profit or get pay from FCC? To me, it sound abuse because base church and FCC sound like mix...
  19. zerodog

    video editor software

    Hello, I am out of blue and curious... I went to store and look around, I have hard time to find benefit for me to make movie. I could like to learn, practice and make own vlog. Anyone know the software you current use or suggest? Thanks for your time and thanksgiving is coming
  20. zerodog

    venting about Doctor

    :| I just want to venting and... I have to deal with MY PAIN. Yes, I am whining about the pine that I have to deal and do affect my work perform attend. I am going to be infamous and going on to E.R. to controlled pain. I do take over counter for my reduce pain before I ask doctor for...