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  1. Juli-terp-to-be

    Not sure if this should be here BUT - Ally ASL

    I just got this post via Facebook "Ally ASL! UPDATE! So unfortunately I have been "warned" that if I upload any new songs onto YouTube, my account will be terminated - indefinitely (as in forever). Working on what I'm going to do about this... :(" Why is this very sweet woman getting shut...
  2. Juli-terp-to-be

    The ex bashing/discussion thread

    I, as the Presidentess of the Bitch Ex Wives of AD, hereby open this thread for the discussion of our ex's! :giggle:
  3. Juli-terp-to-be

    Partially deaf Native American shot and killed by cop

    Deaf Native American Man killed by cops | Deaf TV Channel Shocking News – Deaf Native American Man killed by cops! On August 31st, 2010, a partly Deaf Native American man, John T. Williams, was shot and killed by Officer Ian Birk of the Seattle police, after Williams was seen crossing Boren...
  4. Juli-terp-to-be

    PLane ban for deaf traveller

    Plane ban for deaf traveller | The Sun |Home Scotland|Scottish News By ROBERT FAIRBURN Published: 19 Feb 2010 Add a comment Add a comment (0) A DEAF traveller last night blasted airline staff for refusing to let her on a plane until she proved she couldn't hear. Lesley Stewart arrived...
  5. Juli-terp-to-be

    Who Inspired You?

    As a hearing person about to begin on the road to become an ASL interpreter. I always wondered who was the person or reason that inspired you to become an interpreter or to learn ASL. This question applies to both the deaf as well as the hearing. For myself, I always remember being fascinated...