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  1. DeafJam4ever

    Anyone from Nebraska

    Hi i am 28 yrs old single guy
  2. DeafJam4ever

    Nebraska lincoln young man 28 yrs old

    hi everyone any deaf ladies in nebraska between 25 to 45? looking for man to be loved?
  3. DeafJam4ever

    anyone need babysitter with deaf kids

    Hi my name is Ryan Ingrao I am aware of my past records Yes those are my past. But lot people think i dont deserves second chance since i used to harm People but I changed because i went to hearing school called Judge Rotenberg Center they help me change my life u can look up to that. but not...
  4. DeafJam4ever

    hi my name is Ryan Ingrao

    I just move to Nebraska I am curious anyone know where I can meet any deaf people outside of Lincoln Deaf Events ?