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  1. yizuman

    Looking for someone to help with subtitles

    There's this classic Rankin and Bass film, released in 1978 on television that I used to watch as a kid entitled, "The Stingiest Man in Town". I looked all over the web for a DVD version of this film that would have captions to no avail. Finding classic films from my childhood with captions is...
  2. yizuman

    Multiple Doorbell Flashers Sharing The Same Doorbell Button?

    I am looking for a flashing doorbell that shares the same one doorbell button. For example, when the doorbell button is pressed, the doorbell flashers would flash in these following rooms at the same time.... (1) The Living Room (2) My Office (3) My wife's office. Is there such a gadget...
  3. yizuman

    Deaf Devices for Cars?

    Is there any devices for the deaf for vehicles that can give visual warnings (strobe flashing) that headlights is still on and stuff that can be easily forgotten or overlooked (most especially when headlights during daytime can be forgotten and left on overnight that can potentially drain the...
  4. yizuman

    Anyone Watch Twitch Tv Gaming Streams?

    Anyone like watching I play there almost every night from between 3 PM to 12 Midnight EST (time varies). Currently I am playing Farming Simulator 2015. If there's any deaf gamers out there that likes to chat about games, please feel free to drop by at my stream when I am playing...
  5. yizuman

    Cuts on SSI/SSDI?

    I'm told there may be cuts involved on our disability checks starting with the Fiscal Sequestration January 2nd, 2013. Anyone know anything about it? :ty:
  6. yizuman

    Parents: Dying Girl, 7, Taunted by Neighbors in Trenton, Girl has Died

    Picking up from the thread.... The little girl just recently passed away..... Source: Kathleen Edward: Dies after facing horrendous insults from neighbour during battle with...
  7. yizuman

    Political Correctness Runs Amok Because They Fear of Offending The Deaf Community

    Source: Toddlers’ ‘Twinkle sign’ ban | The Sun |News
  8. yizuman

    Video shows Albuquerque officer kicking suspect; 2 officers fired

    Source: Video shows Albuquerque officer kicking suspect; 2 officers fired | Just WTH are they thinking, just because they got a frickin' badge doesn't necessarily mean they're safe from criminal prosecutions. Dumbasses and now they've ruined careers, real criminals is gonna have a...
  9. yizuman

    Judge William Adams beats daughter for using the internet (Video)

    Judge William Adams beats daughter for using the internet - YouTube This animal needs to go to prison for life! The audio is nothing more than alot of screaming, crying and beatings. So this visual thing says it all. Share this on all of your social networks to get the word out so the...
  10. yizuman

    The Day After Halloween

  11. yizuman

    NYC Cops Protesting Crack Down on Corruption

    I guess now the cops has their own "Occupy" issue, as it were, with the crack down of 16 officers on charges of "ticket fixing", meaning they're making tickets disappear from the system or turning a blind eye on crime. Typical of them..... Oh there's more corrupt cops right their...
  12. yizuman

    Is Michael Moore a Hypocrite and a Liar?

    Read his interview part in the bolded part and judge for yourself if he's truly a hypocrite and a liar. Source: Catch his lie? The point is that Moore's net worth is...
  13. yizuman

    SciFi: Warehouse 13

    I don't call it s(bleepspelling)F(bleepspelling), it's SciFi dammit, Jim. Just watched the last episode of the season 3 and HOLY SMOKES! I so can't wait to see Season 4! Any Warehouse 13 fans here? Yiz
  14. yizuman

    Video on Obama's Healthcare

    I know it's 2 years old.... But, since it's been passed, it outlines all these provisions when it fully becomes law.... Know the TRUTH about the Government Health Care Bill H.R.3200 - Key Points - YouTube Opinions? Yiz
  15. yizuman

    Comic Strip - "That Deaf Guy"

    Has anyone ever seen these strips?? That Deaf Guy - Comics! I thought these are great and I certainly can relate to a lot of these strips, they are so funny!! Yiz
  16. yizuman

    Common Discrimination Towards the Deaf by Township Trustee's Offices?

    Apparently my local Trustee's office is refusing to provide help with our utility bills because of my communication equipments which is reliant on the internet, As many of you know, I am unemployed and am working on my SSDI case as well as I am caring for my bedridden wife who is a stroke...
  17. yizuman

    TSA agent inserts hand into woman's vagina four times, Agent then sues the Victim.

    Source: We’re Going To Molest You. And Then We’re Going To Make You Pay for It. | The Agitator We need to rise up and take a stand like all of the other countries have been doing. The longer we all sit on our asses and drink our latties, the longer the assaults continues. Yiz
  18. yizuman

    Surveillance photo shows officer in sex act

    Source: Surveillance photo shows officer in sex act: Some viewers may find this photo offensive | I said it before and I'll say it again, since the days of the Clinton Administration, the DOJ has forced all Police Agencies to change the way they hire police officers, they got rid of...
  19. yizuman

    First Rule of Assassination is to kill the Assassins After a Job Has Been Completed.

    I knew it, some of the 6 Navy Seals who offed Osama is now dead.... Helicopter Shot Down: 22 Navy SEALs Dead in Crash in Afghanistan - ABC News I don't believe it's a coincidence that this happened. None of the witnesses who "supposedly" was there was Osama was "killed" has ever been released...
  20. yizuman

    An Open Letter To AG Bell Association by Barb DiGi

    ‪An Open Letter To AG Bell Association (closed-captioned)‬‏ - YouTube Yiz