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  1. Dismal Shadow

    Chrome On Android (2-steps Verification)

    Wanted to verify if any members here have 2-steps verification enabled in the site and used the code, saved but still asking for code repeatedly when logged in on Chrome for Android in which you are not actually logged in? I'm using the latest Chrome version from Play Store with cookie enabled...
  2. Dismal Shadow

    Now Is A Constant.

    One of my favorite status post from my FB and thought I'd share it here. Don't know the original author tho.
  3. Dismal Shadow

    Cracking An Ice Cold Case: Nearly 3.2 Million Years Ago, Lucy Died. Now We Know How.

    Can't find specific science section but I will leave this here. Astounding discovery.
  4. Dismal Shadow

    Photographs About Absolutely Nothing!

    I decided to create this after it had be going off-topic in another thread. Here's mine taken from my iPhone. It doesn't looks good at night, but quality is better and great during the day. Keep it clean and post pictures you shoot with your camera, not from the internet
  5. Dismal Shadow

    Deaf related movies

    I just watched "Love is never silent" which was recently brought from ebay. Yes a wrong item nonetheless. It was suppose to be "Sweet Nothing in my Hear" But a refund was made and the seller told me to keep it as a gift. I watched and I weeped. It was a great gift and I loved it. So I am...
  6. Dismal Shadow

    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Teaser Trailer

    TrailerSpy - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Teaser Trailer - Closed Captions
  7. Dismal Shadow

    Alien vs Predator

    Game looks pretty sick. YouTube - Aliens vs. Predator Marines Trailer [HD] (Rate This Game) YouTube - Aliens vs. Predator (AvP) official game trailer for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC - 'Aliens' gameplay [HD] YouTube - E3 09: Aliens vs. Predator Trailer
  8. Dismal Shadow

    Real or Fake?

    YouTube - They got talent... to headshot Real of fake? You decide.
  9. Dismal Shadow

    Dead Space 2

    Look like Isaac Clark making his debut return in Dead Space 2. Beautiful artwork. Oh hell yeah. Bring it on. Isaac Clarke looking badass in first Dead Space 2 artwork
  10. Dismal Shadow


    Hello y'all, missed me? I am back in game sections once again. Have a look at Bayonetta demo if you haven't already. YouTube - Bayonetta Demo Part 2 This is definitely worth it and gets my money. Sorry guys, I am geting the PS3 version.
  11. Dismal Shadow

    U.S. government should stop using the word 'retarded'

    U.S. government should stop using the word 'retarded' --
  12. Dismal Shadow

    Copyright infringement?

    I'm a blogger, and I am worried about copyright or trademark that belong to a company. Let me give you a example...Google logo. I have created a blog relating to google and I am not sure weather if it's a good idea to have any images on my blogs that are copyrighted on the internet. Hell I will...
  13. Dismal Shadow

    Super Smash Bro. Melee

    I am fan and a hardcore gamer of SSBM. I was in some tournaments and it was one the greatest game to live up beside CoD4 and Halos. I gave up a long time ago since there's a new gen of consoles like Wii, 360, PS3. There's another game that tried to lives up to its legend: Super Smash Bro Brawl...
  14. Dismal Shadow

    Who are you?

    I know I created a simliar thread a while back, didn't turn out great. Tell us who you are. And why you choose that avatar. I am prodigy among Prosecutors. <-----My avatar tells all. :D (Miles Edgeworth from the DS game in...
  15. Dismal Shadow

    The Trial Game

    This is my first custom trial game from the Ace Attorney series. Hope you like it and this story is just the beginning and will update as I continue to add more scripts. Keep it in mind it's not perfect. Enjoy. Ace Attorney Online - Murder Turnabout, Nathan's trial
  16. Dismal Shadow

    Jolicloud the new OS

    I was invited to try out Jolicloud and I am excited to try it out. For those who don't know what Jolicloud is, Jolicloud is an Internet operating system based on Linux. A Social Netbook OS To those who are tech savvy check it out. Jolicloud, a cool new OS for your netbook
  17. Dismal Shadow

    Facebook to integrate PS3?

    Look like it sounds good to be true as well as Twitter. Leaked PS3 XMB images hint at Facebook integration, new image layout
  18. Dismal Shadow

    M$'s Ban Wave

    F**k you M$ :mad2: M$ control us, we buy it, we own it, we do whatever we want with the system. I am selling my Xbox 360. Thank god I brought Modern Warfare 2 for PS3. Sony here I come. Microsoft Bans Up To 1 Million Modded Xbox 360s? -
  19. Dismal Shadow

    Modern Warfare 3 in the work?

    OMFG!!! ONN reports: Modern Warfare 3 in the works, features hours of gameplay, first footage revealed - PC Gaming, PlayStation, Wii, Nintendo DS, Xbox 360, News, Reviews, Downloads, Custom Apps, Homebrew and much more.
  20. Dismal Shadow

    Visually impaired gamer sues Sony Online

    Visually impaired gamer sues Sony Online - News at GameSpot