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    Birth Control Efficiency

    I just thought of this... 99.8% efficiency birth control = this: 20 people have sex about 50 times in a year... Two of them may get knocked up.
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    A young boy goes out fishing with his Grandpa.

    About an hour in, Grandpa pulls out a beer and starts to drink it. Young boy: "Grandpa, may I have one of those?" Grandpa: "Well, son, does your **** touch your *******?" Young boy: "No, sir." Grandpa: "Then you may not have one of these beers." Another hours passes, then Grandpa pulls...
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    I did not realize stupid people still exist.

    First, Kudos to Ash345 for pointing this out yesterday. I stopped by at her computer shop to help her kill some time. I asked her, "Business still good?" she goes yeah... I said, "Wow, computers been around for a while now, and still people out there don't know how to do things with them."...
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    PFH Now A Furdaddy.

    Aint she a cute dog?
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    droid razr

    Very nice.... I'm on it posting at my brothers work. Its pretty sweet. What do you guys thinker of the Droid razr?? I think its much more comfortable. Than an iPhone.
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    Just so you guys know...

    Wine =/= beer. That is all.
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    Child crying while CI being activated...

    activacion implante coclear Chris - YouTube Kudos to the powers that feel this is justified, you've just damaged a child.
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    Question for the ladies...

    Which would you prefer - Tiffany's Earrings pictured below - or gold nugget earrings or diamond stud earrings? Tiffany & Co. | Item | Return to Tiffany
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    for these who are into forex...

    Better unload these Euros now.. That is all.
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    NCLB, what?

    "Exemplary"; Texas school taught only two subjects - The Answer Sheet - The Washington Post crazy.
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    Millionaires storming in and demanding to pay more taxes!

    Millionaires ask Congress to raise their taxes - Nov. 16, 2011
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    Transgressing the Object

    Title was derived from the Butterfly Effect series of articles. I thought it was fitting for this thread. Why are there so many hearing parents out in the blogosphere and various forms of social media more than willing to put their CI children out there, pictures, stories, and various...
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    I Told You..... (Convo Certification) Convo's getting certified.......... One and a half month later from my prediction but hey.
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    No Shave November

    Anyone in?
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    Crack the myth: Reverse Audism does NOT exist.

    In a socioeconomic point of view it is impossible for the Deaf to oppress the hearing people. Sure, rejections. But oppress? Laughable. Even if a person say that hearing parents are ill equipped to be a parent of the deaf. The reason for the previous sentence: It's a fact. 90%++ of...
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    Just so people know

    I am under snow. Power might decide turn off for good. Pray for me. If you guys do not hear from me in a couple days, do not worry. A bit of concern is okay after a couple of months though.
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    Since we're at it...Happy Early Birthday Jiro

    For the 10th of Nov.... Happy 30th birthday you sucka.
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    9 year old scores four felonies.

    Girl, 9, Facing Four Felonies For Wild School Bus Tantrum, Battering Sheriff's Deputy | The Smoking Gun Looks like our country is headed in the right direction.
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    Dreammaker sent to the slammer

    Ohio Gym Teacher Jailed for Sex With Students - Yahoo!