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    Netflix now support subtitles in Apple TV 2!

    iOS 5 (Update 4.4) for Netflix now supports subtitles! About Apple TV (2nd generation) software updates Of course Netflix hasn't updated their list to include ATV2 yet;
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    YUM! this is yummy!

    YUM! YUM!
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    What Has Government Done to Our Health?

    It isn’t controversial to point out that we face serious public health problems: while modern medicine is helping us live longer, more years of our longer lives are spent fatter and sicker. Some of the biggest problems, obviously, are the related illnesses of obesity, diabetes, and heart...
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    Paleo and Primal Lifestyle

    Hi there! I want to share with you this great compendium regarding Paleo and Primal lifestyle. So here you go! Read this first: Introduction to the Paleolithic Diet. The Paleolithic Diet Explained: Ancient Answers to Modern Problems...
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    All the latest on Giffords and others

    Visit Tucson's Arizona Daily Star (online and newspaper) website: Welcome to StarNet - Tucson, Arizona as well as Phx's: Arizona Local News - Phoenix Arizona News - Phoenix Breaking News - Tucson's local medias; | Tucson, Arizona Home KOLD News 13 - News 13...
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    Gao Study Finds Bush Administration 'Burrowed' Political Appointees

    UNDER THE RADAR ETHICS -- GAO STUDY FINDS BUSH ADMINISTRATION 'BURROWED' POLITICAL APPOINTEES: A recent study by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) reveals "seven instances of improper burrowing -- political appointees shifting to career civil servant positions in a given agency...
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    US oil company donated millions to climate sceptic groups

    US oil company donated millions to climate sceptic groups, says Greenpeace | Environment | Report identifies Koch Industries giving $73m to climate sceptic groups 'spreading inaccurate and misleading information' (sceptic = skeptic)
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    China Currency Manipulation Costs U.S. Jobs

    Daily Kos: China Currency Manipulation Costs U.S. Jobs Last week, when most politically involved Americans - elected and otherwise - and most of the media were understandably focused on health insurance reform, the American Manufacturing Organization and the Economic Policy Institute released...
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    Senate returns health bill to House

    Senate returns health bill to House NOT A DONE DEAL YET: A LOOK AT THE BILL'S REVISIONS The bill now before the Senate would make changes to the health care law signed by President Obama on Tuesday. Some of those proposed changes: Enforcement: Adjusts the penalties on Americans who fail...
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    No, We Can't

    RADICAL RIGHT No, We Can't In order for the legislative branch to function properly and do its work on behalf of the nation, lawmakers must be willing to work together, constructively debate, and vote on legislation. Unfortunately, the emergence of Democratic majorities in Congress has provoked...
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    A Fake Scandal

    Global Warming A Fake Scandal As delegates from countries across the globe gather at the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, the world is waiting to see if international leaders will commit to the bold reductions in carbon emissions needed to curb the effects of global...
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    A New START

    National Security -- A New START Tomorrow, the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) will expire. The treaty has been in place for the past 18 years and signaled the end of the Cold War, as it reduced U.S. and Russian nuclear arsenals and helped prevent Russian nuclear materials from...
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    Biggest public works investment...

    Check it out... video and transcript Daily Kos: Obama: Biggest public works investment since Eisenhower planned
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    Bush Rolls Back Regulations

    Having promised to "sprint to the finish" of his second term and "to remain focused on the goals ahead," President Bush is "working to enact a wide array of federal regulations, many of which would weaken government rules" aimed at protecting workers, consumers and the environment, the...
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    Newspapers announcing Obama victory fly off the racks.

    Think Progress » Newspapers announcing Obama victory fly off the racks. Even though it printed 30 percent more copies today, the Washington Post announced that they “sold out within hours” today as DC residents rushed to pick up a copy celebrating Obama’s historic victory. click the link...
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    Russian President's State of the Union Address

    RT - 24/7 English-language news channel : Medvedev : Medvedev hopes for 'second wind' with U.S. under Obama Dmitry Medvedev says that U.S-Russian relations could get a “second wind” as a result of Barack Obama’s victory in the American Presidential election. The announcement came during his...
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    A Progressive Mandate

    Election '08 -- A Progressive Mandate Our nation today is only now realizing the extent of the resounding victory for progressive ideals registered on election day. Progressives triumphed in all regions of the country and won overwhelming support from individuals of all different backgrounds...
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    6 Deaf contestants on Canada show this wednesday

    CANOE -- JAM! Television: The week's reality TV updates
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    Political storm engulfs Iran's leader as oil prices skid

    Political storm engulfs Iran's leader as oil prices skid | ® TEHRAN, Iran — Three weeks ago, a hard-line cleric close to Iran's president gloated publicly that the world financial crisis was God's punishment on the United States. But the laughter was short-lived. Click...
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    Did John McCain Withdraw From The Race?

    Daily Kos: Did John McCain Withdraw From The Race? Click the link above then click orange "Don't Like" (notice my signature :D that's why I don't watch or read Faux News eh )