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  1. WhiteWolves64

    I am Back......

    Hi.... I am back... anyone missed me for whole times since i went AWOL from this AD???? LOL Been busy working on Plastic Canvas projects and in between jobs..... Hell Yeah i miss you all!!! Giggles!!! :wave:
  2. WhiteWolves64

    Have you ever heard of Richard Roehm passed away today?

    I heard the rumors that Richard Roehm (R.R.) has passing away at 3:30 this afternoon today from heart attack. And one of my friend from Facebook said that there's confirmed that: "Here is the reliable source about the confirmation of Richard Roehm's death. He was being passed away today at...
  3. WhiteWolves64

    Friendship request in e-mail

    I received two e-mails from same person name is Elizabeth K. and i put that message in spam folder but she kept asking for friendship request from me..... "Hello dear, My name is Elizabeth, i am searching for friend,i saw your profile at (Deaf Chat | People Deaf Culture - ) and...
  4. WhiteWolves64

    Is it scam or legitimate?

    I need to know if it's scam or legitimate about "part-time or full-time cleaner needed" from Craigslist that this person replied back to me today as i did sent my resume on his e-mail yesterday and I am afraid to take this job as it sound like a scam to me but not sure yet. Re: PT/FT Cleaner...
  5. WhiteWolves64

    RIP Thomas Kindade - Famous painter!

    Calif. artist Thomas Kinkade dies at age 54 - Yahoo! News Calif. artist Thomas Kinkade dies at age 54 By JOHN S. MARSHALL | Associated Press – 22 mins ago FILE - In this Sept. 15, 2006 file … SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — California artist Thomas Kinkade, whose brushwork paintings of idyllic...
  6. WhiteWolves64

    27 years anniversary today

    Today is our 27th anniversary and we did not go out for our special dinner tonight due to lack of money - Oh well... But we are looking forward to our "30th" anniversary that would be something very special for both of us in Cheyenne, WY (who knows)!!! :giggle: :D
  7. WhiteWolves64

    Question about Deaf Service in Cheyenne, Wyoming

    Are there any Deaf Services in that area (Cheyenne or Laramie or anywhere else)? We need to know before we make a plan to move from Northern California to Rock Springs or Laramie or Cheyenne, Wyoming next year. We want to settle down in Wyoming for rest of our lives. Any inputs or ideas? :hmm: :ty:
  8. WhiteWolves64

    Dodge B250 Cargo Van & W150 Truck

    Hi all.... I bought this 1988 Dodge B250 3/4 ton Cargo Van with 318 CID TBI 2 BBL for $400.00 from Craigslist on September 2nd, 2011. And my wife got her truck 1983 Dodge W150 1/2 ton 4X4 with 318 CID 2BBL for $1150.00 from Craigslist on December 2nd, 2011. My van has original blue paint but...
  9. WhiteWolves64

    Secret Admire video

    I would like to tell you all to view my video about "secret admire or do you crush on me?" hee hee Secret Admire | WhiteWolves64 | DeafVIDEO.TV I need honest opinion about this and thank you so much! And have a great day or evening!!!!
  10. WhiteWolves64

    For Your Ears Only!!!

    I was digging through pile of papers to be shredding or saving and i found this article that i cut out back in April, 25, 1995 :shock: And what do you think of this article? :hmm: The article says: For Your Ears Only! Deaf People are world's best drivers! Deaf people make better...
  11. WhiteWolves64

    [video] Just for fun....

    I made this video for someone at DVTV ( for fun.... Have some laughs will you??? Enjoy your watching my video!!! oNd2Xn8MDV4
  12. WhiteWolves64

    What's wrong with me!!!

    When i was announcing about my cancer free in facebook and one of the member of Alldeaf said congrats on my status and i said "do i know you" and the other person said yes i am member of alldeaf forum and i said "OHHHHHHHH right *face palm*.... That is not excuse for me not remember who that...
  13. WhiteWolves64

    So Darn Cute!!!!

    Check this out!!! Cat Gets Into Character - Jokeroo
  14. WhiteWolves64

    Video:Awesome Beer Pong Shots

    So Kewl to see that and he must be practices a lot before making perfect!!! WOW!!!! Awesome Beer Pong Shots - Jokeroo
  15. WhiteWolves64

    Video:Awesome Football Trick Play

    I just got this from Jokeroo website.... That is good trick to play this!!!! :giggle: Awesome Football Trick Play - Jokeroo
  16. WhiteWolves64

    Funniest Pets Video

    I just came across this video from Jokeroo website.... Take a look at! LOL :giggle: OMG Cat Watches Orchestra Fail - Jokeroo
  17. WhiteWolves64

    Job Scam????

    When i received this from my e-mail about cleaning job position from Craigslist ad and i believe it is a scam! :shock: I need your opinion about this?
  18. WhiteWolves64

    What do you have that is running for past two decades?

    Mine is the purple clock made by Conair that is still running and tells the time for 24 years now... It has been hell and back for many years thoroughly! :lol: Back in 1986, we bought a bath set that came with clock, hair dryer, brush, curling iron made by Conair that time. The only surviving...
  19. WhiteWolves64

    Video: November 2010 Fail Compilation

    An awful lot of fails happened this November month! :lol: Enjoy your viewing of this video clippings...... ;) November 2010 Fail Compilation - Jokeroo
  20. WhiteWolves64

    LPGA to change gender requirement

    LPGA to change gender requirement LPGA to change gender requirement - Golf - Yahoo! Sports IMO that she have the rights to play pro golf tour because of her gender changes......If someone does not like this a bit or trying to put her off the tee and she will sue them for discrimination of...