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    Tapatalk Forum app

    is it possible to have it install on this forum ? its forum app for mobile, easy to use without using internet browser on mobile. is it ok for me to post link here? Tapatalk Forum App - Empowering Forum Junkies on-the-go

    Deaf person from Salem, Oregon

    Hi everyone! :wave: My name is Danny! I am 26 years old, I am currently living in Salem, Oregon. I am class of 2003 and graduate from Oregon School for the Deaf. My part time job is backroom inventory at Roth, planning to go Western Oregon University this fall for general studies (unsure what...

    deaf pc gamers

    Hi all, i want to see if there's any deaf pc gamers out there? I just started up Deaf Gaming Community today. I did this so i can meet new Deaf gamers and share our favorite game, You can call it community or clan, it does not matter to me. Oh yea, HOH and hearing people are welcome too...