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  1. DeafBadger

    Introducing DeafBadger, Part II

    Hi AllDeaf, it's been a while since I last logged in. Might have been as much as a year or two, not sure. Thought I'd do a re-introduction and update everyone on the latest news. I'm oral deaf/hoh, 37 years old, male, and single for the time being. I moved to the Minneapolis metro in...
  2. DeafBadger

    Moved to Minneapolis area

    Hey everyone. Just checking in to tell you that I moved to the Minneapolis area. It would be great to meet some All Deaf Forum people. Just a reminder, though, I don't know sign language. I am speech-read only at this point. So if that's okay with you, send me a private message on here and...
  3. DeafBadger

    Citizen Band radio (CBs)

    When i was in high school (1990s) some friends of mine got into CB radios. I bought a Uniden CB radio and put it in my car, but it was difficult for me to hear. I could understand my friends sometimes, but it was pretty useless. Still, the whole idea of CB radios was cool. I'm wondering...
  4. DeafBadger

    Deaf Scientists' Organization?

    Is there a professional organization for deaf/hoh scientists? I am unable to find one through Google. Or one for deaf engineers or other STEM fields? Anything at all? Thanks. :ty:
  5. DeafBadger

    Getting Movie Theater to Carry Captions

    Has anyone tried to get their local movie theater to carry captioning, such as CaptiView or the Sony Glasses? How did you do it? Did you gather information about these devices and make an appointment with the movie theater manager to talk about it? What kind of concerns or issues did the...
  6. DeafBadger

    Love Gas

    Happy Valentine's Day! ;)
  7. DeafBadger

    Puritan Valentine's Day Cards

    A few cards from our Puritan friends... :lol:
  8. DeafBadger

    A little more to my K-12 story

    I went to a Deaf Night Out event tonight and there was a woman who used to be part of the hearing impaired program when I was grade school. For a couple years, she was one of the hearing impaired program teachers, before moving to a different city. So I asked her if she knew why the hearing...
  9. DeafBadger

    Deaf Freemasons?

    Decades ago, my grandfather (RIP) was a Mason. Freemasonry is a civic-minded organization that does a lot of volunteering and projects for the community to help people out. They also have a code of ethics and behavior for its members. They will expel people who don't live up to the code. I'm...
  10. DeafBadger

    Went to RIT Open House 12/7/12

    I finally went to an Open House at RIT on December 7th, 2012. I don't know if any one from AllDeaf was there in the tour group. I was blown away by the level of services they have. It is the best I've ever seen. Now I am trying to figure out how to get out there and get a degree...
  11. DeafBadger

    Video Blog: The Mainstreaming Experience

    I completely agree 100% with everything this man says.
  12. DeafBadger

    What is printed on NTID Degree?

    This question ties into another thread that asked whether it was a good idea to mention that one is deaf or hard of hearing during a job interview. There were a number of different opinions on that. My question now is, when one gets a degree from NTID, what does one actually get that degree...
  13. DeafBadger

    Job Interviews: Do you Mention Deafness?

    Well, I've decided I'm going to see if I can find an IT job out of state before getting a degree. And I have a feeling many of these jobs will want me to do telephone work, which I do not do well with. I can talk to my parents on the phone with some difficulty, but in a business environment...
  14. DeafBadger

    I feel like I've been cheated. (bad language)

    I feel like I've been cheated. I said that to myself today. I've tried not to say that to myself. Because I want to believe that others don't cheat you, you cheat yourself. That way your destiny is in your hands, right? You can think your way out of any problem, and overcome anything...
  15. DeafBadger

    Text-Only Cell Phone Plans?

    I was wondering if anyone knows of any inexpensive text-only cell phone plans? Cheapest that I found is $12 / month.
  16. DeafBadger

    Using Hearing Aids as Recording Devices

    Is it possible to use a hearing aid as a recording device? I was just thinking about it because, I know some hearing people who have used digital recorders in business environments for legal reasons or CYA reasons or just to keep track of what was said in a conversation. It occurs to me...
  17. DeafBadger

    Denver or Minneapolis?

    In about 9 or 10 months from now, I hope to graduate with a Computer Support Specialist AAS degree and ready to look for a job in either Denver or Minneapolis. I have some questions about these two cities: How big is the deaf/hoh communities in each city? Where can someone learn ASL from a...
  18. DeafBadger

    Ressurected Threads

    I gotta watch what I'm replying to. Seems like there's a lot of really old threads rising from the depths lately. I just saw one from 2006! o_O :lol:
  19. DeafBadger

    The Kindle

    I bought a Kindle 4 about a month and a half ago and I love it. I haven't actually bought any books for it yet. What I wanted to do was load my documents found online and read it on a portable device. There's a lot of free books on the Internet. Anyone else have a Kindle? How do you like it?
  20. DeafBadger

    Captioned Visual Basic Tutorials?

    Hi everyone. I'm in Visual Basic class this semester and the videos that come with the textbook are not captioned. Everyone else in class can use the videos, of course. I'm wondering if anyone knows of a repository of captioned Visual Basic tutorials, or a really really good text-based...