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    what do I do

    okay so here'e the main ideas: met him online. we flirt and he makes all the moves first. have two guys UGG!. has to chose and doesn't knwo who for long time. finally chose guy online. he freaks and is now not talkign to me what do I do?
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    look'n for friends

    Hello, I'm Kaja. Pronounced (K-sh-u) looking for friends Male or female Important Information Due to the many interesting people that have Been what seeming to be contacting me directly (unlike I asked) I am putting this up. and I need you to read this now. Male or female are admitted but...
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    Sometimes, I wish things would be okay. My life wouldn't suck and times wouldn't be so tough. Sometimes I wish that people didn't see me That I would just be a spot on the wall. A small black dot that no one would care about. Then I think about the people that I know that live that life...
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    looking for people to practice with in Renton, Washington

    Hey kaja is looking for people to practice with at the the fairwood library, anyone in the renton washington area, if you are interested please let me know. I'll see what I can do I have to talk to the library. i've spoke to the library, we can rent one of the meeting rooms once a month. I'm...
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    what is it like to be different?

    Now I'm not asking what it's like to be deaf, or what its like to be hearing. because about now I don't know the difference. I'm asking you what is it like feeling that you don't have to clone yourself to be someone that anyone wants you to be. What does it feel like to be your own self...
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    The Flower Vase (another Milli request)

    Please enjoy safely. Ideas, and story copyrighted to Kaja King. Violators, thefts, and snoopers will be fried in butter and served in gross omelets with buttermilk on the side of Meatballs. © Kaja King 2010 Once upon a time there was a princess. This princess was very beautiful; her eyes were...
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    looking for friends

    Hello, I'm Kaja (K-sh-u) looking for friends Male or female, post a message on my profile to say hi.
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    book title pool

    As a few of you that read my blog know, I am writing a book. now I have finally reached 3 chapters and I am at a loss for a title. I have come up with 5. here they are. :ty: 1. Living Contradiction By Kaja King 2. 4 Sets of Eyes by Kaja King 3. Hearing Vs. Deaf by Kaja King (not...
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    did something and now doesn't know how to correct it

    okay so when I reply to my comments on my blog I get a bright blue background with white. how do I fix that? please tell me I am really lost on it.
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    Down with the "End of The World" movies!!!!!

    Okay pop-quizz kiddies! name all the end of the world movies you can think of I don't care howmany times you say 2012 because it's true! so let me start! 2012 the day after tomorrow Indipendance day
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    what is is like

    Okay, Kaja has took a challenge from self. some of you (Well anyone who reads this) now knows that I am a writer, and i have took the challenge of writing a story about a hearing and Deaf person and how they descover that they are both human. I will post what I have later. and please don't bite...
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    a Request from Milli for Milli

    I will put up three poems at a time. each time. if you want more, please comment and let me know. I will post more. Childs Soul A child alone in soul Together in body Bound for a sad fate Token pity on by a memory Tormented by those who hate her Token from her love She bleeds Can...
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    is there any coffeemeets in renton washington

    I am a homeschooler looking to meet deaf people and practice signing. are there any of these coffeemeets in the renton, kent area in Washington state? :ty:
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    I was asked to put up some of my poetry.

    okay so I was asked to put up some of my poetry so here are a few I hope you enjoy them. Elsy Pew She stands behind me Looking over my shoulder She knows I see her yet she still runs Her silent speech runs chills down my spine Yet she looks at me with no care In the end she laughs at me I know...
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    hello from washington

    hey from Washington. My name is Kaja, I am hearing but I want to become an interpeter for the deaf.:wave: I am homeschooled, 16 and learning sign language. just want to say hi:ty: