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  1. The Highlander

    New F1's engine again.

    renault f1 presents 760 horsepower 1.6L V6 power-unit 760 horsepower at tiny motor as V6 1.6L. Small and very simple design. That's pretty NEAT! Lighter weight mean better handle at the corner. It looks better than NASCAR engine.
  2. The Highlander

    Eagle and Falcon

    Outside was around 30F but feels like 10F and took a lot pictures with my good friend at Eagles Landing Park in Bettendorf, IA from 11am to 1pm. We took more than 100 shots so I picked seven of better pictures. I took a pictures of Falcon grabbed the fish and my friend took a picture of...
  3. The Highlander

    EOS 5D Mark III

    Canon U.S.A. : Consumer & Home Office : EOS 5D Mark III I used work for Canon as technician leader for DSLR. Eos 5D had a lot problem with dirty in the viewfinder. Eos 5D Mark II really good but no HDR and slow FPS as 3.9 for continuous shooting. Eos 5D Mark III is a lot better and cheaper...
  4. The Highlander

    List of IP relay.

    I used Sorenson IP relay for AIM a lot. Now, List of IP relay for now.
  5. The Highlander

    Data usage for LTE/4G only.

    How much you made data usage a month for LTE/4G networking?
  6. The Highlander

    Bear Eats: Beetle Larva

    Would you do that? Bear Eats: Beetle Larva - YouTube
  7. The Highlander

    Benzene. Benzene in Automobiles Deafsmog, Is it false or true? Since Freon is very toxic. What's if evaporator got leak and blow to front dash. Is is risk?
  8. The Highlander

    Guess what it is?

  9. The Highlander


    AnandTech - iPad 4 GPU Performance Analyzed: PowerVR SGX 554MP4 Under the Hood Bad news for Android user. :giggle:
  10. The Highlander

    Matt Hagan pissed off.

    NHRA Crash at Zmax Dragway today at Charlotte Motor Speedway - YouTube Matt Hagan Crash - YouTube
  11. The Highlander

    Motorcycle get high emission than car.

    It's make sense to me due motorcyce do not have the CAT (Catalytic Converter) Everyone thought HIGH MPG mean less emission due light weight but nope.
  12. The Highlander

    Subaru BRZ

    2013 Subaru BRZ Prototype First Drive - Motor Trend Spec looks not bad and little cheap than Impreza Sti I hope Deafsmogtech like BRZ because it is RWD and no turbocharger!
  13. The Highlander

    All about diesel power!

    Someday I really want to own a Dodge 2500 with Cummins for business and house improvement.
  14. The Highlander

    RIM Mistakingly Shows Off HTC Device In New Blackberry Promo Video

    RIM Mistakingly Shows Off HTC Device In New Blackberry Promo Video [Lawl] Big oop to RIM company. :laugh2:
  15. The Highlander

    Gasoline Taxes 1st NY 2nd IL :ugh: Southwestern is lucky bitch but suck to CA.
  16. The Highlander

    Australian flood sweeps away parking lot of cars

    YouTube - Toowoomba Flood 2011.01.10 :shock:
  17. The Highlander

    How McDonalds beef patties are made

    How McDonalds beef patties are made -
  18. The Highlander

    Adobe demos Flash-to-HTML5 conversion tool

    John Nack on Adobe : Adobe demos Flash-to-HTML5 conversion tool YouTube - [at MAX 2010] Sneak Peeks - Export fla file to html file. Nice, it is much quick and less design's headache for change from flash to HTML5.
  19. The Highlander

    The very worst kind of lift-off close call

    Video: The very worst kind of lift-off close call — Autoblog Wow. I don't see that kind of lift for long time. I believe it's outdate and it was very danger due no safety lock.
  20. The Highlander

    NEW iPOD release!

    Sorry, There is no iPod touch with front camera but we got new tiny shuffle. Wait a min. There is another new iPod. Aw. It's just Nano.