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  1. whodatshroom

    Just wondering

    Alex, I don't know if this belongs in here. But my brother's friend was working on my late uncle's house remodeling inside. When he ripped out the carpet he found a picture of my uncle. It's at least 4 or 5 years old. My uncle was killed in a car crash 2 years ago. This picture...
  2. whodatshroom

    Who lives in Granville, OH?!?!

    I'm going to Denison University in Granville, Ohio to visit a deaf best friend of mine. It'll be from night of October 28th to the early morning of Nov 2nd. Granville is about 30 minutes from Columbus. Anyone want to meet Laura and I there to chat?!?!
  3. whodatshroom

    What's wrong with this picture?

    I was tired alllllllllll day...I mean I was literally passing out. I kept on feeling lightheaded as I walked around. :zzz: So it's 10:04 here and I lay my head on my the pillow... :applause: I can't go to sleep. :pissed: What's wrong with this picture? :cry:
  4. whodatshroom

    21st Party

    I turn 21 in like 10 months lol, but anyways...If I threw a cabin party, would any of you come? I invited alot of people for my 20th but only 3 came. 2 were hearing and were so disrespectful to me and my friend Sam. It was a really shitty birthday.
  5. whodatshroom

    Spitting in Food

    Have you ever caught a cook or someone spitting in your food before giving it to you? I have and I got that asshole fired. He spit in the sauce I ordered to go with my stromboli.
  6. whodatshroom

    Online friend

    Doesn't it annoy you after talking to opposite sex online and you start to like them, but then you start to get to know them well enough to lose interest in them? Then later, you post something in your personal journal or that person hears something about you being with someone else, having...
  7. whodatshroom

    Who has LJ??

    I'm just wondering, since I have Live Journal and would like to get more lj friends. I dunno, I'm very bored now since my satellite is out..thanks to my dad for not paying the bill. :fu2:
  8. whodatshroom

    To all Southeastern people...

    How has both hurricane charley and frances affected you since they both happened in like a month? Just curious to see how people in Florida are taking it since my uncle lives down there. He lost his home and everything. So he's staying with friends til him and his wife can get everything...
  9. whodatshroom

    I'm Back!

    Hey ya all!! Do you guys remember me? I used to be on alldeaf last year...I guess I stopped posting because I was getting too addicted to it. Then I got bored with it, but now...I'm back. I hope someone remembers me. :naughty:
  10. whodatshroom

    Live Journal

    I am curious, does anyone in here have LJ???
  11. whodatshroom

    Attention Alex:

    I have one huge question about moving posts. On the main page, under General Discussion. Why does it say Off-Topic discussions & polls about anything you wish to speak your mind about, when people keep moving posts to other places? Reason I am asking you this is because I...
  12. whodatshroom

    This is for Guys only:

    Do you guys think women get it easier than you do? I don't know if this belongs in other location. But if it does, my apologies. What I meant by this question, do you think they get it easier than you in life and also in body development? I hear guys bitch about how women get it...
  13. whodatshroom

    Happy Birthday Whodatshroom!

    19 tomorrow July 30th hehehe.
  14. whodatshroom

    My Gawd, I Hate Animation Shop 3

  15. whodatshroom

    Someone help me make a new

    SIG!! I have paint shop 7.0 and animation shop 3 but have NO damn clue on how to make my own sig. I need something with WHODATSHROOM on it and something with my picture on it. But no clue on how to do it, anyone tell me how?
  16. whodatshroom

    I am moving in a new

    Apartment. FINALLY, anyways, reason why I'm posting this is, because I want to know your opinions on what kind of pet I should get. I already talked to my roomate about this, and she said that cat is much more simple. I agreed maybe so, but a dog is more affectionate. Then one of my friends...
  17. whodatshroom

    Do you think a deaf person has a

    chance at being a big time singer? I think if you practice alot and so on, there's a chance you could.
  18. whodatshroom

    If you could pick anywhere

    in the world, where would it be and why? Bermuda, its romantic, and I love the tales of the Bermuda is a great place for dreamers and lovers. Perhaps me and my sweetie Matt will go there.
  19. whodatshroom

    How do you turn on a computer that has no

    power switch on the tower, its a ibm too by the way. My friend has this problem and can't find a switch anywhere. Do any of you guys know?:dunno:
  20. whodatshroom

    In Loving Memory Of

    My precious Niece, Michaela Dawn Hinton who passed away on June 29, 2003. Here's her picture :) She was only 13 months old. :(