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  1. rockinlife

    21, Learning Asl, Cousin Is Deaf

    hi, I'm lexi! nice to meet you. cool you want to learn :)
  2. rockinlife

    Looking For A Sign Buddy!

    It's just a number! :)
  3. rockinlife

    Looking For A Sign Buddy!

    hi! I'm 20, I'm deaf too. Nice to meet you! always up to chat :)
  4. rockinlife

    Procrastinating, Any Body Else?

    I'm sorry! hope she's better!
  5. rockinlife

    Hearing Male, Looking To Meet Deaf Teens

    Hey, I'm lexi. Deaf, 20 years old. I study engineering and math. Cool to meet another person my age here, maybe we can talk soon. :)
  6. rockinlife

    Procrastinating, Any Body Else?

    oh no, why are you worried about her?
  7. rockinlife

    Procrastinating, Any Body Else?

    I am procrastinating on writing a final essay for my critical thinking class, I really don't want to write it. anybody else procrastinating right now?
  8. rockinlife

    College Classes

    hey, I'm studying math and engineering, I might be able to help you out with your math if you want, as long as it isn't elementary algebra, or something on a really low level only because I have a hard time explaining something I do by second nature, otherwise I can help. let me know!
  9. rockinlife

    ASL, Deaf, 16, Female.

    whoops, thought it didn't post, posted twice. Redheads have blonde moments too. ha
  10. rockinlife

    ASL, Deaf, 16, Female.

    hi! I'm lexi, 20. I'm deaf. nice to meet you!
  11. rockinlife

    Looking For Some Asl Help

    Hi. My dad (hearing) is in emergency response, glad you're trying to get better, it's important. I'm deaf. you can message me if you want, I can help.
  12. rockinlife

    Help With Asl

    Hi, I'm deaf, nice to meet you. Happy to see hearing learning the language, It's beautiful and important. Maybe talk to you soon :)
  13. rockinlife

    Hearing Girl Looking For Cool New Friends

    hey! welcome :) are you a dancer? I'm deaf, 20.
  14. rockinlife

    Hearing Girl looking for deaf friend

    Hi! I'm lexi. I'm deaf. Cool you want to learn more. Welcome!
  15. rockinlife

    Interpreter problem? Maybe

    Thanks to the 2 of you. Good advice. I'll work on making it better, see if I can get maybe a different interpreter. Not decided yet
  16. rockinlife

    23, hearing, Michigan

    Hi! I'm lexi, I'm deaf, I'm a tutor for deaf kids in math. I love helping people out, but it depends what level you're at, conversations are important :) let me know if you want to skype.
  17. rockinlife

    Students Looking for ASL buddies

    Hi! I'm lexi, I'm deaf. Posted on this thread a while ago but I thought I would again because it's my winter break and I have time to help signers of all levels, and meet with new people :). If you want to sign with me, my skype is doubleaxxle. Please tell me you're from alldeaf, otherwise I...
  18. rockinlife

    Interpreter problem? Maybe

    I'm deaf, a university student studying engineering. I finished a really hard math class this quarter, and I didn't do well, have to take it again. Most people in the class say the teacher was hard. True, that teacher was sometimes unreasonable. That not mattering, does anybody think having an...
  19. rockinlife

    Need some new friends :) 17, ASL

    Hi! I'm lexi, I'm deaf nice to meet you :)
  20. rockinlife

    ASL signing buddy

    hi Kelli! I accepted your skype request!, been busy lately, but I'm excited to chat with you soon!