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    Law Enforcement - Contact with Deaf, DeafBlind and Hard of Hearing individuals

    At the bare minimum, learn the alphabet. You could communicate by spelling out words.
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    Approved for CI and have surgery date

    Awesome! What brand are you getting?
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    Hello there...

    Hello and Welcome!
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    Hi! New ASL learner here

    Hello and welcome!
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    Hello and welcome!
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    N6 for sale

    She wants to know what is included in with N6 which you should have listed so we can know if it is worth the money or not. We need the information. Also we need to know how much you are asking for. Without the price, there is no point in trying to buy it.
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    WebCaptioner: Free Live Transcribe for big screen TVs and laptops

    I bolded part where he was talking about that. He is saying that if you use laptop microphone, it works better in a quiet room. If room is noisy then it'll work better with a plugged in microphone.
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    WebCaptioner: Free Live Transcribe for big screen TVs and laptops

    I wanted to make people are aware of correct information. 90's actually. :) CRT TV was replaced by modern TV's in 2000's I had 13 inch CRT TV in early 2000's. I had it on my desk beside my PC.
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    WebCaptioner: Free Live Transcribe for big screen TVs and laptops

    Down to 13 Inch. Any size smaller isn't required to have CC built in.
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    What kind of trade jobs can deaf and hard of hearing have?

    Don't feel like you can't stand up for yourself. If I feel like someone is talking down to me, I stop it right there cause I've learned that if you let them do that, they'll continue to do so and gets worse as time goes by. I just go to my supervisor and tell them what is going on and want to...
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    Not deaf but new and a begginer with asl

    Can't tell if you are being serious or not but if you are serious, you are way off the mark!!!
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    New girl

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    new and a beginner

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    Happy New Year 2020

    Happy New Year to you too!
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    Dentist office may have violated my rights-did they?

    I always ask them if it would be easier or not to keep HA's( now CI) or glasses on. Most of them usually want me to take them off. Also just cause things happens that you don't like doesn't mean your rights were violated. That's just life and things happen and you gotta roll with the punches.
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    I just got my first pair of hearing aids

    It will take time to get used to it. Might need adjustments here and there after using it for couple of weeks. I would advise to stick with it for short while. Welcome and good luck! :)
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    Show off your Christmas tree!

    I once showed someone how to attach a picture. Here is post I made. Hope this helps.
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    What are you doing right now? Part II

    What I did one time when I had a room that would get too hot during winter and too cold during summer. (Backward I know! Weird huh?) LOL I got some strong magnets from Home Depot and got a small towel and placed 4 magnets on ends holding the towel. That would still allow air to blow but not...