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    Siemans "Pure Carat"

    Does anyone here use Siemans "Pure Carat" hearing aids? Do you like them? I just got a promotional mailer from an audiologist who is closer to me than my regular person. They are going to have a Siemans specialist come in a couple weeks and they are offering appointments. The "Pure Carat"...
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    Anyone use a slow cooker?

    I wondered if any of you great cooks here use a slow cooker. Any recommendations as to which ones are good, which ones not so good? I've seen some where you can use the insert on the stove to brown the meat or whatever first, before you slow cook it, and that seems like a good idea. I'd be...
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    Anyone in NYC/NJ interested in deaf Staffie?

    On Facebook, "The Patrick Miracle" site just posted info about a 2 year old deaf, male (neutered) Staffordshire terrier. The owner turned it in *requesting* that the dog be euthanized because it's deaf!! The shelter evaluated him and he did very well. Non-aggressive, somewhat fearful/alert...
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    Rexton Bridge hearing aids

    Does anyone here use the Rexton Bridge hearing aids, with or without the remote control? I've been trialing the Oticon Chilis and while they are better in some respects than my Phonaks, they are not $4000 - $5000 better, so I won't be buying them. I was in a different audi's office this...
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    Tornado in Oklahoma

    Tremendous photos on CNN right this minute of a big tornado hitting near Oklahoma City.
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    Nylabone Plaque Attacker warning

    If you ever buy Nylabone products for your dog, especially the "Plaque Attacker" or anything made of their gummy-type material, please read this. Those products can be fatal for your dog. The "Plaque Attacker" has now been withdrawn from the market after killing several dogss. If you have...
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    Red Sox, lookin' for love in all the wrong places

    TXGolfer, this is especially for you, but also for all those who get a kick out of Big Pappi. He is looking for love in NYC. Big Papi winning New Yorkers over one hug at a time |
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    Small dogs and hawks - bad combination!

    Someone on my poodle list posted this. The video is not captioned, but is a graphic example of what can happen to a small dog picked off by a hawk. This little one lived to bark about it, thankfully, but you can see by the wounds and stitches how serious the injuries were. Just a warning to...
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    Tubing, foam wind protectors and such

    For those of you who change your own tubing: where do you buy the tubing and the little foam wind protector dealies? (I have Phonak Savia Arts.) How do you do it with the little metal clamps inside? Can that be done by the HA user at home? I used to change my own tubing, but now have those...
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    Looking for audi suggestions in NoVa/greater D.C. area

    At LoveBlue's excellent suggestion, I'm starting a thread for audio suggestions in the NoVA or greater D.C. area generally. Mods, is it ok to ask for specific names or offices, or should the specifics be via PMs? I'm OK with it either way. I like my audi well enough. She is in McLean, if...
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    Just so you know - internet copyright regs

    You might find this interesting reading: Thomas G. Field, Jr. | Copyright on the Internet | UNH School of Law Note section on fair use: "Fair use is one of the most important, and least clear cut, limits to copyright. It permits some use of others' works even without approval. But when...
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    Problems with smart dogs

    I mentioned in another thread that poodles were so smart, they need to have things to keep their minds occupied or they will figure out things to do all by themselves, which might not be what you want. Casey has just proved the point. We have a small covered kitchen wastebasket that has the...
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    Hi from the Mid-Atlantic area

    Hi everyone, I've been reading for a few days, so time to introduce myself. I'm a 60 year old, late deafened woman, now retired from the Foreign Service. I lost my hearing gradually over the last 30 years; hearing loss was accelerated after I lived in Ghana and had to take the anti-malaria...