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  1. The Silent Seed

    Looking for my forever person

    I'll put this out there just in case! I'm 43, fully deaf, and have a tropical plant business. I have a great sense of humor, good values, and love nature, the ocean, reading, and my work, as well as just enjoying life with that special someone. I hope to meet an intellectual woman who is happy...
  2. The Silent Seed

    Posting / adding pictures

    Hi folks, Sorry if this has been discussed in the past - I couldn't find my specific issue. When I click on "attach files" either in an album, or in a post, the picture will "upload" but won't appear as a tab, and when I try to post, nothing shows up. Your help would be appreciated. (I'm on my...
  3. The Silent Seed

    Growing plants anyone?

    I'm curious if anyone else on here enjoys growing plants - either inside or outdoors? If so, what are your favorites, and why? I love plants that have huge leaves, or fuzzy leaves, or any other unusual attribute. The Jacfruit I am holding is such an example, for example. ;)
  4. The Silent Seed


    Hi, My name is Jude. I'm profoundly deaf, 43 years old, and live in Northeastern MA. I have a rare and unusual tropical plant business called The Silent Seed. I enjoy reading, nature, the ocean, gardening, and my work. I grew up using Signed English, but can communicate in ASL as well. I only...