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  1. JanatheShort

    Indiana Public Meetings?

    Just wanted to see if anyone else from AD was going to the Public Meeting being held tomorrow about the new Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education? It's at 6:00PM-8:00PM at: Indiana Government Center South Conference Center 402 W. Washington St. Indianapolis, IN 46204 All the...
  2. JanatheShort

    Turning off the Voice?

    Okay, this may be my most bizarre question, ever. But, here it goes. I want to learn ASL. Normally when I try to learn a language, I immerse myself in the language. I try to even think in that language. I am having a real problem with that, however, when it comes to ASL. I try to watch...
  3. JanatheShort


    Hey anyone have an account on Goodreads? I'd love to make some new friends there so I can see some more good books to read!!! My screenname is JanatheShort there too. Feel free to add me! :wave:
  4. JanatheShort

    Say vs Hearing in ASL?

    Hey everyone. I was watching one of the Bravo ASL lessons and I noticed the sign to say a person is hearing looks the same as the sign for "say" or "speak". Are they the same? Is there a difference? :ty:
  5. JanatheShort


    Just seeing if my profile pic really changed when i tried to change it!
  6. JanatheShort


    So I have been on AllDeaf for a while now, and I have seen a million people saying "Oh I want someone to practice ASL with me!" I know that you all have to be very tired of that request!! That left me with a bit of a problem, however, because I haven't found the Deaf Community (if there...
  7. JanatheShort

    Just to Make You Smile... I'm pretty sure the mean things I do to my neice and nephew are the reason why God has not allowed me to get pregnant... :giggle:
  8. JanatheShort

    CI users and the Deaf community

    As a hearing person, I've been reading on here and learning a lot. I really appreciate being allowed to sort of join your world. Today I saw a post that disturbed me... from what I understood, it was a hearing mom of a child with a CI. She talked about her child learning speech more...
  9. JanatheShort


    Okay, I have my neice and nephew tonight, and I'm looking for things to keep them busy. So far we have made homemade playdough, and watched signing time on Youtube... watched a movie... watched random songs on Youtube... What things have you all done with toddlers to keep busy? (My neice is...
  10. JanatheShort


    Hey I was just wondering if anyone else here has used Pinterest? I love it love it love it love it!!!!! It's so addictive!!! :giggle:
  11. JanatheShort

    Question about ASL class?

    Hey I was just wondering if it is normal for an ASL class to have no interaction with the Deaf community or people who actually use ASL as their main language? We have a sign language class in our university communication disorders department, but it seems to be mainly for speech-language...
  12. JanatheShort

    This could only happen to me.

    So my husband bought a catapult last weekend to make... it was from a little kit, with wooden pieces. Since then, he has amused himself by launching little balls of clay across the house. Then, he got bored, and launched peanut M&Ms at me, trying to get them down my shirt. :giggle: A...
  13. JanatheShort

    Healthy snack

    I was at Sam's Club this weekend, and they had samples of Activia yogurt... when we told her that we already had some Yoplait yogurt at home, she said we could freeze it and eat it as a healthy snack! I tried it... it was really good, really healthy, but it took forever to eat because you had...
  14. JanatheShort

    Out of curiosity...

    I was browsing the smilies today, and just wondered... When on earth would you use THIS smiley in a conversation? :rl: lol just throwin that out there...
  15. JanatheShort

    Guess What??????

    I just got a scholarship that will pay for my senior year of college AND guarantee that I have a job for two years after graduation!!!! AND I get a stipend of $2000 each semester next year to buy my books and such with!!! *happy dance* Just thought I'd share so we could all celebrate...
  16. JanatheShort

    A Question about Questions?

    Hi everyone, I have a question (actually, I have a million, but... just one for today lol). When people notice that you are deaf or hoh, would you rather them ask questions or not ask you? Do you get tired of lots of questions or is it cool for you to know someone is interested in your...
  17. JanatheShort

    Greetings from Social Work Land!

    Hello everyone! :wave: I'm a new member, a social work major in college who wants to learn more about the deaf culture and ASL to be a better social worker to children and families. I'm also here because I have always wanted to learn sign langauge, but was too shy to try and learn in a class...