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    Comcast DCH3416 - CC problem

    Hello folks, I recently got my new Samsung HDTV to replace my 13-years old analog TV. I reconncted cable box (model DCH3416) to my new TV with HDMI cable. I know that HDMI does not support closed caption signals so that I had to turn CC on on DCH3416. I found out that CC only works on...
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    Ghost Adventures on The Travel Channel

    Hello folks, Does anyone has watched that before? What do you think about that? I noticed that episodes are more active than other paranormal series. That premier episode about Gettysburg will be on air on 9 pm Fridays on The Travel Channel. Yes they have closed captions. Do not forget...
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    Six Million Dollars Man The Complete Collection - Closed Captions?

    Hello folks, I recently received e-mail message from and Time Life announces new Six Million Dollars Man The Complete Collection and they will be out on November 23rd. Check for more information. I was looking for some DVD specs on that website but...
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    AT&T's new data plans - not good news.

    Hello folks, I heard that AT&T recently announced new data plans on starting June 7. That will be new 200MB and 2GB metered data plans. Any usage over 200MB/2GB will be additional $10 each 200MB/1GB unit. That is not good news for deafies that use videophone, etc. I searched for new TAP...
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    Max Headroom (TV series)

    Hello folks, Good news!! I heard that new DVD complete series set will be out on August 10th. Many years ago, we watched Max Headroom on big TV screen at the Abbey (Gallaudet University) with closed caption. I checked its specification and it did not say closed caption or subtitled. I am...
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    Z4 from ZVRS - Webcam finally worked.

    Hello folks, A few weeks ago, I struggled to get my 3.0m webcam working with P3 chat software and finally gave up. I got my new webcam with 6 LED lights from eBay. I recently got new Z4 chat software from ZVRS and installed it. It immediately recongized YouCam 3 from Cyberlink. I tried...
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    Sprint WiMax 4G - Washington DC coverage?

    Hello folks, I was considering to upgrade to Sprint U301 3G/4G for my laptop/netbook but I have a question for you. Do Sprint offer WiMax coverage for Washington DC area? If not, when? Thanks, Sword7
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    Netbooks (ASUS EEE PC 1201N and HP Mini 311-1037NR)

    Hello folks, I was shopping for some netbooks and narrowed down to two netbooks for my needs. That would be ASUS EEE PC 1201N and HP Mini 311-1037NR netbooks. ASUS EEE PC 1201n: It uses dual-core Atom 330 processor with NVIDIA ION chipset. According to benchmark tests, Atom 330 processor...
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    P3 software - webcam problem

    Hello folks, I got new webcam with 6 LED lights and installed it. It worked with Cyberlink's YouCam, etc but P3 software can't detect my webcam. Devices and Printers windows displayed webcam icon. Does anyone know any solution to get my P3 software to recongize my webcam under Windows 7...
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    Dell Mini 10 and U301 from Sprint

    Hello folks, I recently noticed that new Dell Mini 10 w/U301 modem on Sprint Relay Store website. It offers $99 after rebates until 2/15. Does anyone have any experience with 3G/4G U301 modem for VRS, etc? My area (Washington DC metro area) does not have 4G coverage yet but only few...
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    New HD webcam with night vision

    Hello folks, I was looking for better HD webcam and found some newer HD webcams with LED night vision. I already ordered one and am now waiting for a package. Does anyone tried them yet? Thanks, Sword7
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    HP Mini 311 (Verizon Wireless)

    Hello folks, Does anyone have any experience with new HP Mini 311 from Verizon Wireless? Is P3 software compatible with that for VP? Thanks, Sword7
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    F.B. Eye DVD

    Hello folks, I heard that F.B. Eye DVD box will finally be out soon. I can't wait to buy DVD set. I hope that they would be out in Bluray format some day. Check Sue Thomas: FBEye web site for more information. Thanks, Sword7
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    HAM Radio?

    Hello folks, Just curious. Does anyone have any experience with HAM radio for Internet, etc? Is that good for deaf for hobby use? Thanks, Sword7
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    Sorenson VP200 flasher plug

    Hello folks, I recently got new VP200 adaptor from Sorenson. Trainer arrived here and set up VP200 on my TV. Then he showed me how to use it, etc. My friend tried to call me while I was in other room and can't see flasher around VP200's lens. I saw the flasher plug on back of VP200. How...
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    AT&T TAP plan - tethering support?

    Hello folks, Does AT&T TAP plan support tethering (PAM)? I have Sprint Relay Data plan that supports tethering with my 8703e. Thanks! Tim
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    Verizon's new netbook

    Hello folks, I recently heard about new netbook from VerizonWireless. I already looked into that. Hmm. That is good news for VP because netbook has webcam for VP. It costs $200 with 2yr contract and $60 a month for 5gb data plan. It supports all GSM/HSDPA/EVDO protocols. I will consider...
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    Blackberry Connect software for WM5/WM6

    Hello folks, Does anyone have any experience with blackberry connect software for windows mobile PDA phones? I had not tried that yet but I like to know will that work on my old AT&T 8525? How about new Sprint HTC touch pro phones? Thanks! Tim
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    HTC Fuze vs iPhone and TAP plan

    Hello folks, Well, since I currently have AT&T 8525 PDA phone, I had narrowed down to two phones - HTC Fuze and iPhone for my next phone soon. I got an offer from AT&T for upgrade to HTC Fuze for $149 by May 1st. An offer requires both voice and data plan (least $39 + $30) to qualify for...
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    iPhone 3G - more questions

    Hello, folks, Because my 2yrs contract is over very soon, I can now upgrade my old PDA (Cingular 8525) to new iPhone 3G. I now have some questions for you. I already found TAP deaf plan on AT&T wireless web site ($50/month). I was shopping at AT&T wireless website but they want both...