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  1. mev426

    I was deaf all along.

    You might be thinking of the show I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant, I think it comes on TLC? Strange stuff
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    sorry, I was just confused because you said she was born Dec 2012, and then implanted last April (2013) which would be only like 4 months
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    So how old was she when she was implanted?
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    Is this wrong

    It's important to note however, that English might be her second language. ASL has grammar of its own, which she uses all day everyday; it's probably very hard to switch back and forth. Some people on here (like me), even though they're deaf, they may not primarily use ASL. It all depends on the...
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    Looking for advice/feedback

    I don't think BAHA would work any better than BTE because she has mixed hearing loss. Generally the bone anchored hearing aids (BAHA) only benefit individuals with purely conductive hearing loss. How old is your daughter now? P.S. I have mixed hearing loss too! I wear behind the ear hearing...
  6. mev426

    To Implant or not..

    Yes, I'm aware of the definition of congenital, that's why I used it. I have bilateral fixed stapes. There are only two causes of this: birth defect or otosclerosis. Since I don't have the latter, the logical conclusion would be hearing loss from birth. And at the time it was moderately severe...
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    To Implant or not..

    I wasn't diagnosed until I was five years old and I have congenital hearing loss..
  8. mev426

    HOH Adult

    In what way is your middle ear messed up? My stapes (in each ear) don't vibrate at all
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    Something sticking out of ear mold?

    It's just there to help you pull the ear mold out of your ear, since you're not technically supposed to pull from the tube. :)
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    New chick

    Bebonang, she mentioned she is from San Jose area, California
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    I'm from Houston, been to Austin once! Moving to SA in August for school :)
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    15 y/o girl wanting an asl buddy

    I'm by no means an expert, but I might be willing to help you out
  13. mev426

    Might be looking into getting CI

    Do you have otosclerosis? I briefly looked into a stapedectomy, but since my stapes are fixed congenitally, the risks of the surgery greatly outweigh the benefits.
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    I'm HoH, learning ASL and looking for friends :D

    I live in Houston, and love it! However, I love my summers in the hill country :)
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    Zephyr Dry & Store Hearing Aid Dryer

    I've found that you can feel a slight vibration when the fan is running, even if its not audible.
  16. mev426

    Aqua+ for Nucleus 6

    Good point! Seeing as I also have Phonak hearing aids, maybe I should look into AB's Naida. :roll: Just curious, what other medical problems are stopping you from getting a CI?
  17. mev426

    Aqua+ for Nucleus 6

    Thank you, this is the kind of answer I was looking for! I was not trying to imply that the waterproof feature would be the only reason to choose one company over another; I certainly hope someone wouldn't use that as the sole reason to get one, even though it is really nice to have that option...
  18. mev426

    Aqua+ for Nucleus 6

    That first asterisk is about the IP57 rating of the Nucleus 6 without any extra protection. However, with the Aqua+ accessory, it is completely waterproof (i.e. swimmable). And with the simple addition of the new Aqua Accessory, the Nucleus 6 Sound Processor is designed to be completely...
  19. mev426

    Aqua+ for Nucleus 6

    I recently came across this new accessory for the Nucleus 6, that is available in Canada and currently pending FDA approval in the US. From what I've seen of Cochlear vs AB, a lot of people choose AB partially because of the Neptune being waterproof...
  20. mev426

    Buying aids

    The Starkey hearing aids I got when I was five lasted until I was almost fifteen! I didn't know you were even supposed to get new ones every so often