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  1. DeeAnna


    Hi I am Dee and I am from just south of Houston Texas .. I am HOH ... totally deaf in my right ear but continue to wear HA to function with people around me. I do not sign yet but lately I think it might make things easier for me if I did learn to sign now sooner than later. I hope that everyone...
  2. DeeAnna

    What are you thinking about? Part VI

    I have vertigo probably 5 out of 7 days a week.. sitting up laying down walking .. whatever.. I had a stroke in 08 and that was my main symptom when I was having it believe it or not. Thats when I went deaf.
  3. DeeAnna

    Who likes tattoo? do u have any?

    nice :) I have 3 now.. Rick Springfield's signature on my back .. my childrens names around my left wrist and my college fraternity Phi mu on my ankle
  4. DeeAnna

    What are you doing right now?

    I am just sitting here looking for something to watch on Hulu or Netflix.. its storming .. i could clean something but noo.. lol.
  5. DeeAnna

    Hi, from Louisiana, looking at move to Texas

    Texas has best economy in country .. yes its hot but thats why we have AC
  6. DeeAnna

    Hi I'm Ronnie

    I used to live at Fort Hood .. husband was in the Army .. My son is a Marine and is based in Hawaii... hmm I want to be in Hawaii
  7. DeeAnna

    Forgot to wear HA's to work...

    You sleep in them? I don't I can only take audio stimulation so much before I just want to scream .. too much for me. I don't hear anything unless its blaring .I worked in Sephora. The music was so loud and it just was impossible. I went once without my aids and I about cried because people...
  8. DeeAnna

    What are you thinking about? Part VI

    DogMom... Where are you going to work? :) * I will say I am new here and I would go dig for an answer but I want to make conversation ..hehe..
  9. DeeAnna

    What are you thinking about? Part VI

    Its 79 out .. humid though .. at least my my standards. I took a bendaryl because my vertigo is really kicking my butt today. I drove to get lunch and came back and now I may take a nap if I can lay down and not spin.
  10. DeeAnna

    Just purr fect places to share cat pictures...

    Well my husbands friend moved in with us .. brought this cat and they argued she wasnt old enough to have kittens and they continued to let her out .. and I told them your cat is pregnant.. She was sent up to my room to raise her kittens.. and well I have kinda taken over now.. So glad she only...
  11. DeeAnna

    Just purr fect places to share cat pictures...

    I have Doxies ! I love that one with the doxie tryin to touch the cat.. Fenway isn't too sure about the kittens.. I never really was a cat person until these kittens were born :)
  12. DeeAnna

    Good afternoon, All!

    Good Morning Everybody!
  13. DeeAnna

    What are you thinking about? Part VI

    Good Morning... I am thinking about how wired on coffee I am already this am .:) hehe
  14. DeeAnna

    My Tumblr

    I followed you .. I am Phimu4ever :)
  15. DeeAnna

    Tsarnaev Brothers - Investigation

    Freakin scary stuff man!!!
  16. DeeAnna

    Low End Hearing Aids, eg Phonak Naida III UPs.

    I did not have anything to do with getting them in the end. They were a total ANGEL gift .. I know that I could never afford them even with my insurance. I would not be able to function at all at the level I do at the moment. I know I am blessed to have them.
  17. DeeAnna

    Low End Hearing Aids, eg Phonak Naida III UPs.

    Wirelessly posted My phonak exelia art micro were quoted at $7000 a piece .. I refer to them as my Harley's I'm never gonna ride
  18. DeeAnna

    Hi I'm Ronnie

    Welcome.. I live down here in Houston.. I hope the Rangers do well this year too.. I always get excited for baseball season. I am a Red Sox Fan .. we do good til October..
  19. DeeAnna

    Can someone explain to me.....

    Do you have to push a button to start the car or use the key?
  20. DeeAnna

    What are you doing right now?

    Going back and forth to Facebook to see if my Marine Son has gotten back to Hawaii yet .. Trying to learn to navigate this site.. :)