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    How to change the world?

    If you don't have the chances to be member of government or president to change the world.. Then what's your first step to change the world as a USA citizen? ================= Talking to others isn't the first step because people will ignore you or fight you to death in debate about...
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    Paranoid Personality Disorder..

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    Is it worth to buy 230mpg car in 2010?

    Check this out! Chevrolet Volt's official fuel economy: 230 mpg - Aug. 11, 2009 So, what do you think of this car.. Is it worth to buy? I'm thinking to buy 230mpg car and it will be my first car :shock:
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    I'm thinking to switch my sidekick 2009 phone to something else. Help me out please?

    I Know sidekick devices are really good and cheap but I want cheaper.. I know it is impossible to get instant messagers, email, text, and internet for 10 dollars a month so.. I decided to get text plan only for 10 dollars or less. do you know any company that offer text plan only for...
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    I'm going back to school but I'm scared....

    I'm scared of Swine flu will spread fast. :eek3: I noticed many of colleges spread over 2,000 cases of swine flu after 10 days of fall quarter/sems. :eek3::eek3:
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    Going to Jail for hitting someone while driving?!?!?

    I was talking to my friend about car and pedestrian accidents. She told me that if a driver hit a pedestrian then driver will go to jail even it wasn't/isn't driver's fault. I have hard time to believe this. If a girl was running across the street and the driver just found out and tried...
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    I'm not sooo happy with hearing people on phone!!

    It isn't easy for me to find local farm that sell specific hay that I'm looking for. (Timothy hay and Orchard grass hay for my rabbit and guinea pigs) I searched cragslist near my area. I found a guy that sell these kind of hays for only 4 dollar per bale. (bale is 50 pounds) I called...
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    I wonder what will happen to you if your money run out when you are over 80s?

    Suppose your retirement money will be gone when you are over 80 years old. You don't have children to look after you. I wonder what will happen to you?
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    Purple thing hanging on trees near highways or somewhere.. what's that?

    I noticed there are many of purple things that are hanging on trees in highways and few near roads.. I assumed it was a bat house or so.. Anyone noticed it? I have seen purple things in three states so far.
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    Animal cruelty laws? It confused me..

    This shouldn't go to "Our Pets" section because it isn't my pet nor talking about animal cruelty.. This thread is all about laws and feeding animals to snakes.. I have seen some videos that show how the snake eat/choke/kill rats, mice, rabbits, kittens, puppies, and else.. A lot of...
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    Will you be happy/survive with this salary?

    I know this is kinda personal question but I'm just curious.. I'm typing this for my friend and she isn't interested to make new account on alldeaf to ask question. anyway.. Will you happy to survive with 20,000 dollars yearly? She decided to stop going to school and get A.A.S...
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    what is going on!?!?!? that isnt fair!!!

    My deaf friend have Videophone but I do not have videophone.. I like to use sidrelay on AIM.. I tried to IM my friend through AIM but no answer back.. I know that he will answer me if I talk him through the phone.. I use sidrelay to call his phone number.. but all I get is I...
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    Tell everyone to prepare...

    Please post something that is VERY important that everyone should know then share your experiences! for example.. NEVER adopt any pets if you THINK you can afford for pet's food, vet bills, and more.. You can adopt pets only if you KNOW you can afford it.. It happend to my...
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    Do you wish to become baby again?

    You wish you can become baby again so you dont have to pay for bills, food, apt rent, and else.. A lot of responsibilities to take care.... Need to learn higher education level (college degrees)... Working for many hours.. Paying taxes.. Panic from diseases (such as swine flu) and...
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    Is that possible to..

    Live lonely for rest of your life and will live shorter than person who have social life.. :shock: is that true? My friends mentioned that..
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    Other country eat Cats.. *viewer discretion advised* Mod note: Video contains graphic image, so I put up viewer discretion advised on title heading.
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    Wondering how they get meat for you?

    YouTube - Go Vegetarian!
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    I wonder why people are against witches?

    they are innocent like us.. they are trying to live to the fullest in their lives.. wearing 5 point star doesnt means that they are devil.. its for protection from spirit and else.. They are interested in Nature and peace with everyone.. Why people kept assuming that they are bad people...
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    how you know if you are really in love or not in love?

    If you are in love, You tend to think of someone for almost 24/7 Or You tend to dont think of someone for almost 24/7 but you like someone to keep you company Or How you know if you are in love? Love is very complicated to me -_-
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    bad ecomony affect you yet?

    I noticed a lot of college students left college because of bad economy.. oh boy.. :shock: what about you?