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    simultaneous bilateral cochlear implants

    Beside Drew and I, has anyone else had simultaneous bilateral CIs? If you have bilateral CIs, why did you chose to get two implants? As for myself, I just figured I wore two hearing aids and two CIs just made sense. I find that I do not like to go with just one implant on. I need both for...
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    Youtube Video on Cochlear Implants

    YouTube - CochlearLtd's Channel Cochlear has placed several videos on Youtube. The first one has amazing graphics to explain what a cochlear implant does.
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    Let Them Hear Foundation

    Here is an article about Let Them Hear from the Palo Alto Daily News. They won my appeal for bilateral CIs back in May. Palo Alto Daily News
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    CI and HA user how do you train your brain

    I'm looking for tips on how you get your brain to understand sounds and words. I do not qualify for speech or language therapy, so I have to do most of the work at home. Here is what I use. 1. Pick an older song, one I remember from the 80's, pull up the lyric, listen and sing. I listen to...
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    Video by Michael Chorost

    I have not seen this video before, maybe some of you have. It is Michael explaining how he uses his CI. Listen. Listening Guide. Michael Chorost, Electronic Listener enjoy
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    Essay by a student

    I just received an essay by a student I had in 3rd grade. She is now in 11th grade. I always wondered what differences I made and how they viewed me as a deaf teacher. I always had a hard time with teaching because I teach regular education 3rd grade. Of course this made me cry. I am just excite...
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    10 Things I learned from my CIs

    Since I was activated on the 8th of August, my life is very different. Some good and some different. I would not change it, just wished I did it 5 years ago. So here is my top ten list of what I have learned. 10. I have to follow a routine or I put the wrong CI on. Then of course I think I...
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    headaches and migraines?

    How many of you have/are experiencing headaches and migraines? Before my CI surgery I has taking up to 8 pills a day for my migraines. I was having headaches daily as well. Since surgery and activitation I have not had a migraine and only one or two tension headaches. I am down to one pill a...