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  1. waywardgirl

    Why are you deaf?

    Chronic ear infections as a child in my right ear caused a moderate to severe hear long loss. Then when I was 18 I had a cholesteatoma that went undiagnosed for many many years and destroyed the bones on my left ear. I'm deaf in the left ear.
  2. waywardgirl

    Phonak compilot lights

    Oh never mind. I see now how to quote. Sorry about that.
  3. waywardgirl

    Phonak compilot lights

    Sorry, Im new and unsure how to quote on the app. Anyway, I do not wear mine to sleep, of course, but I use it to help me hear the tv and to stream music when I get in bed for the evening to relax. I ended using a small piece if cardboard and covered that with washi tape. It worked great.
  4. waywardgirl

    Phonak compilot lights

    Maybe it's because I'm usually using it in bed at night. Or maybe I just have a huge annoyance with blinking lights. I bought some washi tape to put over it today. I'll see it that helps.
  5. waywardgirl

    Phonak compilot lights

    I was just wondering if the constant flashing lights on the compilot drive any you guys bonkers, too? It seems there is no way to make them stop and I've tried covering it with card stock and taping it over the lights but I can STILL see it flashing through. I don't know who designed this...
  6. waywardgirl

    Colored Hearing aids and EARMOLDS? AGE

    I'm 39 and really wish colors would have been available to me. I didn't even know they existed until after I got my hearing aids in February. I'm so bummed. I would have totally gotten pink or blue ones.