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  1. wjfren01


    Let's talk about raging. Who here likes to throw down at a good ole party? It is better to have raged and lost, than to never have raged at all...
  2. wjfren01

    Deaf and hh in college now

    Who all here is Deaf or hard of hearing at a 4 year college besides RIT and Gally? This is the group of people I want to connect with. I am the only hard of hearing person at my college and I wish it was otherwise.
  3. wjfren01

    Recent Facebook spamming

    I have gotten around 10 facebook messages that are obviously spam (telling me I won x amount of money) How do I get this to stop? Is it because I am a member of a given facebook group for deaf/hofh people? :shock:
  4. wjfren01

    Hard of Hearing college student

    Hey all, I am a hard of hearing student who plays soccer at Centre College. I major in History and Economics. I have a few Deaf friends but not as many as I should. I also want to connect with hard of hearing people like myself with cochlear implants and mainstreamed. I am fluent in sign...