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  1. katz4life

    I got a very strange mail from DMV????

    My friend to whom I used to live with for three years, he gave me the mail today which he was holding it for me when I am visiting him. I opened it and read the letter...I was so flabberstaged and puzzled. The date of mail sent was February 2, 2015 and the address DMV sent to my friend's house...
  2. katz4life

    Issue with hard disks (1999-2006)

    I had been forgetful about bringing up my issue with old hard disks that I found at my old friend's house which had been left for over 5 years. Now I realized that there was no longer computers that contains hard disk in. There has a lot of photos and vid clips on my hard disks. I don't want to...
  3. katz4life

    Have anyone of you traveled to Central Mexico?

    Is it worth to go on a trip to a town that is about a hour or so west of Mexico City which is the most known as dangerous city for U.S. citizen tourist to set a foot in?
  4. katz4life

    Wearing dead relative's undergarments??

    I wonder if that is normal to collect and wear clothes especially undergarments (bras, underwears, briefs, boxers, thermal longjohns) after a relative's passing? I have went to Goodwill, Salvation Army, Savers and I don't recall seeing the undergarments section. I do not know how should I...
  5. katz4life

    NYC/Long Island only: Interpreting volunteer interested

    New York City/Long Island area: Is anyone who is in continuing interpreting progam or internship training interested to volunteer interpreting for book signing conference/interview in New York City on Friday, November 7th evening? Pm me for the details.
  6. katz4life

    Request for an interpreter for NYC book conference in early November

    New York City/Long Island area: Is anyone who is in continuing interpreting progam or internship training interested to volunteer interpreting for book signing conference/interview on Friday, November 7th evening? Pm me for the details.
  7. katz4life

    What the @%&# is this?!?

    I received the strangest email today saying it came from and honestly, I have never had gotten email from anyone coming from in 10 years until this which is the first time for me to see like this. It looks like a scam to me....I replied to the sender "Are you lesbian...
  8. katz4life

    Actor Mickey Rooney passed away today at 93

    Mickey Rooney Dead at 93 | Variety
  9. katz4life

    CA 3rd grader accused for sexual abuse on other student

    California 3rd-grader accused in sex assault of classmate Good that they had something to do about it to take action!!! Something like that should have taken it seriously long time ago. Kids under 14 doing it is never been right and that subject about kids should not taking it lightly...
  10. katz4life

    Another question: Are registered sex offenders allowed on here?

    Are registered sex offenders allowed to be here as members? Even if their conviction is at least 10, 15, 20 years old in the past? I am very sure there's some number of registered sex offenders around here on AD and of course, UNregistered sex offenders as well since they never got caught like...
  11. katz4life

    Child on Child sexual abuse

    Hi, I haven't been around here in many months. Something has been bothering me lately and need to know the answers about this very sensitive topic. I can't exactly tell you what led me to bring the topic up like this. I have some kind of difficulty finding the specific answers on google...
  12. katz4life

    Old-fashioned is a bad thing?

    Being old-fashioned is a bad thing and in a negative way?? Even having an old fashioned philosophy and morals and stuff is a bad thing? Not sure what does old-fashioned mean anymore...:ugh:
  13. katz4life

    True or False?? About CI

    True or False: Are CI working on ALL of Deaf individuals? I know it is not 100 percent fact that it works on all Deaf individuals. Sigh.
  14. katz4life

    MATA EXPO in Chicago May 18, 2013

    MATA EXPO is another Deaf avenue of Deaf Expo. MATA EXPO will be the first time for Chicago and free admission!!! Anyone from Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Illinois - COME as you can!!! Check out: MATAEXPO WEBSITE More videos information: MATAEXPO WEBSITE
  15. katz4life


    I got an idea from Frisky Feline's thread "New York". hehe.. Anyone had/have been in California and which part do you think the best place is? For me, I think the best place I have visited was Yosemite National Park!! San Francisco comes the second. Los Angeles is so-so to me. Because I visit...
  16. katz4life

    "Be Yourself"

    What the heck does "Be Yourself" mean to you?? Excuse my soundingly little rant question.
  17. katz4life

    Between Deaf Community in one city VS. Deaf marriage/relationship

    Well, I wonder to know if this kind of experience that happened or happens in your shoes when you are being married to your d/Deaf spouse or being in relationship with your d/D partner and some of your spouse or your partner's d/Deaf friends who grew up with you all of your life from Deaf...
  18. katz4life

    I am bacckkkkkk!!!!!

    After five months overdue....did I miss a lot of stuff here?? How's everybody??I have been extremely busy, working barely 6 days a week. What's up?!!?
  19. katz4life

    Born Deaf or has severe/profound only: Who does not wear hearing aids?

    Who is here as AD member that has severe to profound hearing loss near whole of the lives or born Deaf does not wear hearing aids or CI? If not, when was the last time you had wore your hearings aids before giving it up? The last time I had my hearing aids on was in 2003. I am getting a...
  20. katz4life

    Verizon longtime Deaf employee faces huge discrimination

    Verizon's bulliers - YouTube